About us

The aspiration of this blog
is to share the theme of Truth and Reality
with spiritual seekers
through the means of literature, poetry, arts, music, dance,
and meditation.


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  1. Thanks for sharing so much Joy.


  2. It’s beautiful!!!!

  3. would be still great to learn more about the people behind the project…
    thanks 🙂

    • Dear Axinia,

      This blog was opened by Peter and Veni, Sahaja Yoga practitioners. Seeking The Absolute Truth is a major priority for us. We decided to present the beauty of it to those who are also seeking.

    • Axinia is correct. I too, would like to know more of the people behind such a beautiful offering of love, compassion and forgiveness.


      michael j

      • It is always very touching to read hearty comments,
        sharing love, and sincerity.
        Probably one’s humbleness is a better personal portrayal,
        hence we are all only divine instruments after all:)

  4. Thank you for the visit, you are welcome

  5. Jai Shri Mataji!
    Dear Peter and Veni, thank you so much for the site. I found it only yesterday and one thing that suprised me a bit (in a positive way) is that you have given a link to http://www.adishakti.org (Divine Feminine) – thank you again for that.
    warmest regards to you
    Igor (Russia)

    • Dear Igor,

      We have to be fair enough, and to honestly value
      what deserves a respect.
      We purely desire union, and constructivism, not the opposite.
      Once we all become perfect we will all realize that we are all One!

  6. Dear Veni,

    Just discovered this website! It is so so beautiful and useful! Wanted to ask you if you’d consider to add http://www.Free-Meditation.ca blog to your list. Please, take a look and see if it’s sincerely worthy to be included here; we share same values and there you can see more than 13 Articles about Anandita Basu’s tour with “Art & Spirituality” through Canada, also Analuiza’s amazing success with the Kuchipudi dance in Burlington – wonderful vibrations and beautiful feedback – 1st page on the main newspaper.. there are beautiful videos and hopefully beautiful articles on “our” website too :-)) .. we simply love it!!. The “Halton website” is also “new” and we hope that we’ll represent soon not only the Halton region with but as well Niagara region that needs to be awakened. All the best!! Yours, Ioana

  7. Dear Ioana,

    Warm thanks for your nice comment:)
    We do value http://www.Free-Meditation.ca blog,
    and its significant contribution to spreading of SY.
    It is on our Blogroll under Freemeditation (CA),
    and links to it have been inserted in many of our postings:)

  8. Brilliant blog!

    • JSM, Dearest Volodimir,

      Hearty Thanks for your Sincere Sahaj Comment.
      Let Love of The Spirit bless you for your deep and honest spiritual seeking, and for your constructive communication through
      Pure Divine Love:)
      With Nirmal Niranand Love,

  9. How much warmth and light!

    • JSM!
      Dearest Olga,

      Let the Light of Love enlighten the whole planet,
      and let it purify the globe entirely.
      When we help others succeed,
      we get back the joy of the Universe multiplied:)

  10. ДЖШМ! Братья и сетры, как зайти на рубрику Поэзии?

  11. many thanks and lets share ever more all talks and letters of our divine mother for the joy comes thro this only

    • JSM!

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