Enjoy vibrant Sahaj music

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loving clouds


Enjoy a vibrant presentation of one of the most famous bhajans,

performed by Pt.Subramanian on:


Music für Meditation | Pt. Subramanin 


The depths in poets and musicians

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fragrant purity

“The depths that you feel in poets,

in the great musicians becomes their

own nature.  When they talk, when they walk,

any rapport with them, you can feel the depth of

their spirit…

How can you live in a place, in any place

without any sound?  You want to have a

soundless area then why God has given you

ears? See He has given you the ears to enjoy the

music of His rhythm and that you can only feel

when you become a realized soul….

 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 10 07 1984

She said: “Come!”‏

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Enjoy “She said: “Come!”‏ on:


Arts conveying light and joy

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Shri Mataji NIrmala Devi

Sahaja Yoga artists are one in their desire to convey light and joy, deep thinking, perfect technique and, of course,

the purity of vibrations through their works.

More on:


Oneness in Nature

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Oneness in Nature

Mother Nature enjoys Oneness, and emits pure love to everything.

She is pure and innocent, full of wisdom, and compassion.

Her beauty is inexplicable, her joy comes from eternal.


Veni Grig

Rainbow Joy

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Rainbow joyous play

Love of Mother Nature

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Enjoy sunrise vibrations

Inner World

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Loving Oneness

Inner World


All one needs is inside

Deep, deep within

There is an inner world

World of the Spirit

It is the true world

The ones who have reached it

Find the real relations there

Its integrated Oneness is the fragrant Divine Garden

Its Bliss is the Ganga flowing within

Showering each subtlety and every earthly unit

Its sweet love loves everything

Its inexplicable joy just enjoys

Its divine serenity brings peace

Its Almighty Power creates perfect harmony


 Veni Grig

About poets and poetry

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pure oneness

About poets and poetry

 In general, it looks like it is not easy to understand poets, even the realized ones, and they do not appear to be the favourites of the public.  Poets always write about love and heart, which seems to scare some people, especially those who prefer to serve human ego, instead of the Spirit.  Ego is not fond of poetry, no doubt.  Spiritual poetry, however, is meant for the heart, for the Spirit.  Ironically if the Spirit is not awakened it is not easy to read poetry, neither to understand poets.  Poets even look dangerous to some folks, who are highly attached to their spouses, because poetry stresses on love, on pure divine love for everyone.  Some even prefer to kick out their fellow-poets out of their communities for jealousy reasons, and furthermore to brainwash the others (who blindly trust them) not to keep in touch with poets.  Such a vicious circle gets created only by misapprehension.  This illusionary circle generates tension and falsehood in some communities with poets.  People with lack of discretion and maturity trust any mental fabrications without using their vibrations to judge the situations.  Instead of accepting each situation as a condition for spiritual growth,

some people produce tragedies out of them, literally competing with Shakespeare’s ones,

and it becomes too puzzly even for Shri Krishna to solve the imaginary issues.

Sahaja Yoga is yoga of pure divine love, and whoever desires to be a Sahaja Yogi,

has to accept the Absolute Truth as it is. ‘Absolute Truth is what it is’, and it would not change to please anybody’s ego.  Vice versa, human ego has to be overcome, and its stupidity has to be wiped out.  Ego thinks it knows everything, and it pumps itself like an air-balloon.  When it pops up one starts clearly seeing its foolish tricks, and moreover one’s Spirit starts shining emitting love to everyone.  At that point those who have been strongly serving their ego in the past, start laughing at its silliness, and switch towards giving a priority to their Spirit to love, to love everyone, the whole world without any boundaries and without any biases.  They let their Spirit love freely, and purify the surroundings, giving to everything a lovingly transforming fragrance.

Veni Grig

Quality of Growth

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Meditation is for you to go deep down into yourself, to achieve all that your Sahasrara wants to give. To achieve that height of detachment, of understanding is only through meditation. So what happens in meditation is that your awareness crosses over Agnya, goes above and is now stationed in the Sahasrara, in thoughtless awareness. Then the reality of Sahasrara, the beauty of Sahasrara starts pouring in your own character, in your own temperament. Unless and until you meditate, not meditate just to get well or just to feel that I was meditating. But meditation is very important for all of you that you develop your Sahasrara in such a manner that you imbibe the beauty of your Sahasrara. If you don’t use your Sahasrara in this way, after some time you will find Sahasrara will close down. You will have no vibrations and you will have no understanding of yourself. So a very very important thing is to meditate. I can immediately make out a person who has been meditating and the one who has not been meditating. Because a person who does not meditate still thinks that “Oh, it’s all right. I am doing this. I am doing that.” Meditation is the only way you can enrich yourself with the beauty of reality. There is no other way. I cannot find any other way by which you rise into the realm of divinity.

Unless and until your Sahasrara is open, all the blessings of the divine power cannot come to you, cannot. Maybe you might get some money. You might get some job. You might get this and that. But your own development is only possible when you meditate and your Sahasrara is completely open and open to truth.

Shri Mataji, 1998

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