SY meditation is evolutionary process of acquiring Spiritual Awareness

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pink lotus

SY meditation is not a mental meditation, not a rational imagination , but a real evolutionary happening.

All levels in SY meditation are alive process of acquiring certain types of awareness, such as:

  • Vibrational awareness
  • Thoughtless awareness
  • Doubtless awareness
  • Detatched witness awareness
  • Collective awarenes
  • Integration awarenes
  • Spiritual Attention awareness
  • Unconditional love awareness
  • Sweet spiritual communication awareness
  • Complete becoming of the Spirit awareness

Each awareness, expressing Absolute Truth, manifests on one’s nervous ystem,

and one realizes it with his soul and spirit, not with his rational thinking.

This process, however, starts with Self-Realization, with awakening of the dormant vital spiritual energies of Kundalini and Spirit within us. After their awakening and growing in the process of acquiring of all levels of spiritual awareness, one can reach the stage of completeness, called as Moksha or Nirvana.

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Vibrant, silent, detatchly loving beauty of our planet

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Sense of Bulgaria

Sense of Bulgaria

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Your Spirit is to be achieved in this life

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“Your Spirit is to be achieved in this life.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Starting with Self-Realization:

„On the outside we can get mastery over our body, its movements, the mind, the ego and various functions. Whatever is there in the universe, we can know it and use it like whatever elements there are in the Earth, and what grows we can use it. We can get complete supermacy over all this. But this is all outside manifestation. What we are within is the Spirit. We are Shiva. What is on the outside is destructible. What is born will die. What is created will be destroyed. But what is within is our Atma, who is our Shiva, who is a reflection of Sadashiva, is indestructible, desireless and free. It is not stuck to anything. It is stainless. By obtaining that Shiva and getting the Light of that Shiva, we also slowly get renounced. The outside remains as it is, but within, is the Atmapermanent and indestructible, always emitting its Light”.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shvaratri Puja, 1990


Realize Yourself!

Sahaja Yoga meditation – philosophy and teachings

Sahaja Yoga Meditation… Short meditation with instructions

Pure Desire

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Only those who have the pure desire get Sahaja Yoga.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


“We have to establish our desire within ourselves, that we are seekers and that we have to achieve our full growth and maturity…  The whole universe should have to be enlightened with this desire.  Your desires should be so intense that they should emit out the pure vibrations of Mahakali Shakti which is the pure desire of attaining the SpiritThat’s the real desireAll the other desires are like mirage.

You are the people… to express the desire and then to achieve that intense desire of purity.   You have to purify the whole world, not only the seekers, but even those who are not seekers.    You have to create an aura around this universe of desire to achieve the Ultimate – the Spirit.

Without desire this world would have not existed.  This desire of God is the one that is The Holy GhostIt is the all-pervading power.  It is the Kundalini within us.  Kundalini has only one desire.   It is to be the Spirit and anything else if you desire, the Kundalini doesn’t rise.  Only when it knows that this desire is going to be fulfilled by somebody, who is facing the seeker, it is awakened

Awareness has to become ParamchaitanyaThen you get all the ideas, everything that is divine…  And then only you can tell the things with complete authority, that this is not right. “

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



Sahasrara Land

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Sahasrara Land 


Absolute Truth is revealed in Sahasrara

Above the gross, above the Gunas, in the timelessness

Infinite hosts Reality and Cosmic Truth

Sahasrara Land is in the Realm of God

Sahasrara Land is in the Garden of The Spirit

IT is where Divine Lotus Feet reside

IT is where Divine Nectar comes from

IT is where Divine Love, Bliss, and Peace permeate into earthly world from

The only passport needed for this divine land

Is conscious surrendering to IT

Is acceptance of Pure Divine Love as it is

With pure, open heart


 Veni Grig

We are in the whirlwind

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You must have full idea as to what you are…  But the highest above everything is the hope of your Mother that you are going to emancipate the whole world.  Give attention to that. Think about it; that you are going to do it.  You have to be the walking, talking, moving forests of that Divine Love, that Ritambhara Pragnya.

We are in the whirlwind. It’s not only a cool breeze.  It’s a whirlwind now. So what do we have to do?  We have to move with it, we have to have the same speed. We have to be one of that.  So it is within us that we see this and without, we’ll see that, that we are moving with the speed, the rest of the world is not, is now how to go around it and how to engulf it into ourselves.  All these things are not made for you because you are realized souls.  It might be made for people who are not realized….  This sense of responsibility has to come to you that “We are in the whirlwind” and to take this whirlwind all around the world…  What have you done for Sahaja Yoga is very important, and that has to be seen.  How many people you have really loved.  Really loved.  Sincerely, we have to count.  That’s very important.  Then what have we done for Sahaja Yoga constructively… you must go all out to give Realization to people.  Nothing is going to benefit people more than Self Realization… Don’t keep your Realization to yourself.  As many people as you can give Realization to, the greatest obligation will be on Me and on God Almighty.  Only thing is you should try to give Realization to others…  So this is your job… I want to tell you that you have to “strengthen” my hands…

That if this compassion is within you, then it will compel you also to do work that will bring solace to people who are not even seeking.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Note:  Isn’t it interesting that Shri Ganesha’s head has a whirlwind shape?

red roses

Enjoy the song janani janani jagam nee agam nee

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This vibrant song janani janani jagam nee agam nee

is composed on a verse of the famous poem Soundarya Lahari,

written by Adi Shankaracharya.

janani janani jagam nee agam nee

janani janani jagam nee agam nee
jaga kaarani nee paripoorani nee
jaga kaarani nee paripoorani nee

oru maan maruvum siru poondhiraiyum
sadai vaar kuzhalum idai vaaganamum
konda naayaganin kulir dhaegaththilae
ninra naayagiyae ida vaagaththilae
jagan moahini nee simma vaahini nee (2)


chathur vaedhangalum panja boodhangalum
shan maarggangalum saptha theerththangalum
ashta yoagangalum nava yaagangalum
thozhum poongadalae malai maamagalae
alai maamagalae kalai maamagalae (2)


svarna raegaiyudan svayamaagi vandha
linga roopiniyae mookambigaiyae
pala thoaththirangal dharma saaththirangal
panindhae thuvazhum mani naeththirangal
sakthi peedamum nee sarva moatchamum nee (3)

Music of Nirmal Bhakti‏ & Era of Enlightenment

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“This is the era of Enlightenment. One can see and feel the bubbling of new idioms     

in our creative world of Art, Music, and all that is beautiful and joy-giving.     

Integration is the key note of this new regeneration of universal tones.                  

These tones are ripples of the harmonic, dynamic undercurrent                                    

music of the Universal Divine Love.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Nirmala kiti varnavi tujhi ga sthuti, sang by Nirmal Bhakti

Nirmal Bhakti (“pure devotion”) started in the eighties as a group of friends sharing an interest in the musical styles of the Indian subcontinent – Classical Instrumental and Vocal music, Hindu Bhajan, Islamic and Sufi Qawwali. For some this passion led them to study music in India for a time, while others developed their talents at home and in other styles, as well as learning from masters of Indian music resident in Europe. Their musical repertoire assumes its true significance in a real spiritual context, and the group has been unified over the years by the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation. Nirmal Bhakti regularly performs at cultural events and functions in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. They believe that in a world which desperately needs better people, music can make people better.

More about Nirmal Bhakti on:

Completeness and Wholesomeness

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Rakhi brother-sister relation given by God, leads to spiritual completeness and wholesomeness. There is a respected Rakhi brother-sister tradition in India, revealing the importance of this relation. What stands behind it from spiritual perspective is very interesting, and breathtaking.  Our complete yoga (union) with The Divine takes place through it.  It is something one has to be aware of, and to highly value on the path of  spiritual evolution.  Through this relation one realizes the Absolute Truth as it is in the realm of Reality and Spirit. It has nothing to do with any earthly, mental ego driven imaginations about union with The Divine and about love.  It is based on pure divine love and it is an unconditional manifestation of pure love. One’s spiritual ascent and human evolution depend on this relation, and on deeply manifesting pure divine love. Surrendering to The Divine, means letting divine love manifest through usIf one wants the world to be changed to a better one, and the destruction of human ego to be overcome, one has to accept the divine law, and to acquire a beautiful high spiritual awareness.  Rakhi brother-sister noble relation should be respected and appreciated sincerely by spiritual seekers.

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Purity & Wisdom are essential keys of evolution

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Pyar. Bhare

A wonderful bhajan, describing the incomparable eyes of the Divine.


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