Virata Enlightenment

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Virat is the brain of the being which can call as God Almighty, so the the whole central nervous system is worked through by Shri Krishna as Vishnu then all this incarnations, then Shri Krishna and ultimately as Virata, this is the development of our brain and when we are worshipping Virat we have to know that within us also we have got brain, manifestation of this power of Virat, that manifestation that we have we can call it as Virat if Shri Krishna is Mahavirat, you all know about Virat much more than I can tell you today because is the whole, is the totality and the totality of everything if that is Virat then that is in your brain but reality is in your heart, so the totality you may see, you may witness, the reality is the subtlety behind it, so the brain which is not ruled by the heart, which is not nourished by the heart is a very dangerous thing because it creates a diversion and such a person who is without any heart tries to do things, becomes very worthless and can be very dangerous, it could with other way also within us, that if you allow our heart to rule us only live with our emotions and not to use our rationality then we can become really dangerous people to ourselves in the sense we become lethargic, we become indulgent into wrong sort of things…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 11 06 1989



Virata Joy:






Guidance of the Spirit

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It is time to rise above Mr. ego-superego, above conditionings, above illusionary human thoughts,

and let The Divine Spirit enlighten completely our spiritual journey.


Durga Adi Shakti

Sahaja Yoga – Immense Love

Dance of Light

Fix the mind to the Spirit & enjoy the powers of pure Spirit

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“The one who is above money, is a real Sahaja Yogi…  Sahaja Yogis have to fix their mind to their Spirit, and enjoy the powers of pure Spirit… That enjoyment you get it, you don’t fall… If you are extremely generous greed will run away…. Generosity is very love giving…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 18 08 2002

How to grow?

Above all is the Power of God

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Evil that spreads its power all over is only because of two factors.  One is that you are not knowledgeable.   You are still blind, and you follow things which are not right, but you think are powerful.  This illusion creates not only problems, but absolute destruction.  So we faced a very big challenge, no doubt…   Due to ignorance also people do lots of things… they are not aware of the Truth, they are ignorant about achieving the Truth, and they cling on to the fact that they know everything.   With all this happening there are so many fractions, so many stupid people who are getting completely ruined by ignorance… try to oppose people who are doing good. 

But above all is the Power of God!  All this drama is played to proof the existence of that Great Power…  all the world is a part and parcel of the drama…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 18 11 2001

Supreme Divine Lotus Feet

Light of Love

Sahaja Yoga at work

Significance of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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“In thoughtless awareness is nothing, but such a pouring sense of Joy.  Joy which is neither happiness, or unhappiness, but singular.  You cannot describe it in words, but you can really feel it inside yourself that Joy of being the SelfAnd that’s the time has come for you to get it…  And this is the special time when it is going to work out… Built in power starts working… You are the Spirit

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 07 06, 1998


Mohammed and Selfrealisation

“White horse is the Kundalini

Compassion, love – main qualities…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 2002



You are the indweller

Thou art Perfect, Eternal, Absolute

O Lord of all Creation

Thou art Godly perfection

Omnipotent Master of all

Lord, omnipotent Master of all

My destiny’s in Thy Hand

My destiny’s in Thy Hand

Supreme Soul of all Creation

Oh Lord of the whole Universe

Enlightenment of human beings

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Shri Mataji : The light of the world


Take to your Self… has to work only with your desire, only with surrendering

 the power of desire within works it out.

Real Diwali is Enlightenment of human beings

 See in that light what is good, and what is bad… and you are growing… 

When you are enlightened with that Light… with your light you can

enlighten other people

 and they can feel the joy of their Spirit

 You are the lights of the World

 Develop joy-giving temperament…”

 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 03 11 2002


Become the Spirit

This all-pervading power is the power of divine love. It thinks, it organises, it plans, it loves. It is the one which is the subtle of the ether, you can call it. It is the subtle of the matter. It is the subtle of your emotions. It is the subtle of your mental power. It is the subtle of your evolutionary power. But all integrated and coordinated in complete synchronisation. So efficient it is that you are amazed how it works.”

Shri Mataji, 11 06 1985

Love of Mother Nature:   The lavish beauty of Nature

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