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“He whose heart is small, whose heart is not fully surrendered, in whose heart there are doubts, in such water the reflection of the Atma cannot be attained and however much light we put there it is of no use.  And that is why we keep our hand on our hearts and say:  “Mother I am the Spirit”.  But only by just saying I am the Spirit or by saying the same mantra you have not entered the Atma Tattwa.  There is only one way, (or solution), that we should become one with the Atma Tattwa.  Become one with it.  Just like when we put salt in the sea-water it gets dissolved in it completely, in this way you should be dissolved in this infinite ocean, and concentration should come in us.  At first all these things will be in that Samadhi state, when man would achieve the state of the Brahmarandra by closing the eyes.  But the speciality of Sahaja Yoga which is a very beautiful experiment and which is a strange method of Parameshwari Shakti, with the help of this, man, without going into the Samadhi state achieves this tattwa of experiencing this Brahmarandra tattwa within himself.   In seeing this we find that we have achieved a dream, or in a dream we have achieved it.  This bliss is beyond explanation.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 24 February 1988


Angelic Souls

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Angelic Souls


Self united

Wholesome and total

Vibrant, beautiful, and joy-giving

Loving-radiant, whitely-pure

Compassionately permeating

Epitome of The Light

Heaven-soldiers of Pure Love and Peace


Veni Grig


Abode of human Spirit

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Get drenched in the vibrant beauty of Oleg Mayorov’s arts on:



Good tidings of Great Joy

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I bring you good tidings

Of great joy…

 Luke 2:10

More vibrant Joy on:  http://www.free-meditation.ca/archives/3356

Arts conveying light and joy

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Shri Mataji NIrmala Devi

Sahaja Yoga artists are one in their desire to convey light and joy, deep thinking, perfect technique and, of course,

the purity of vibrations through their works.

More on:


1st ‘Culture of Spirit’ Festival

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“It’s been found that pure, absolute Spirit is in essence joy and love, that brings a rewarding sense of clarity to ones perception. This phenomena was felt by the hundreds of visitors and participants at this event, brought on by the subtle beauty and light of the performances and exhibitions, and intensified by the simultaneous collective experience.

A science presentation revealed that cells communicate with one another, and that this process may happen through the medium of light. If we are all ascending into a new, more transparent and joyful state of awareness, this may indicate that we are to be increasingly empowered to communicate by means of the light in and around us.”

More:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Uz9hG2qIJU

More:  http://edword.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/festival-of-light-on-the-ganges-of-europe/

Enjoy Sahaja Yoga Arts

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On Artists

They are the loveliest flowers of creation, sweetest dreams of the Creator, the dearest parts of the human society. Perhaps they do not know how they are loved, worshipped and followed by their spectators.

If an artist finds his countrymen being unpatriotic or cowardly, he can, through his art, inspire them and can serve the role of a brave soldier. Thus he can serve the society through others, by creating a deep impact on their minds. Such is the motivating force of an artist.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, India, 1961

Enjoy some Sahaja Yoga Arts on:  http://www.sahaja-yoga-arts.org/

More:  http://budha.blog.bg/

More:  http://www.hemangi.com.au/

Mysterious Crop Circles arts

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Crop Circles

The mystery of how crop circles are created has never been solved.

Many people believe the patterns are a message from extra-terrestrial lifeforms.

Another theory is that colossal energy is amassed above the earth in the ionosphere and then zapped towards the ground where it creates the crop circle usually on chalky ground in areas traditionally known for their ‘energy lines’ and mystical past.

In the past the formations have not been limited to just circles.

Shapes include a bee, a rectangle and even a three-dimensional formation.

More:  http://www.ydig.us/crop-circles-the-first-of-this-years-has-been-spotted/

Enjoy music of Joy and Krishna Dance

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Sahaja Yoga Music of Joy-Krishna Dance

Music of Joy

On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjzCD0GZe2I&feature=related

Sahaja Yoga Music of Joy Vancouver-Canada

On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNWzjo2sPvs&feature=related


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With an eye made quiet

by the power of harmony,

and the deep power of joy
we see into the life of things.

More: http://sukshmart.blogspot.com/

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