Loving Compassion and Forgiveness

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Become Part and Parcel of the Whole, of All Pervading Divine Love


Seek the Eternal


AWAKEN Loving Compassion and Forgiveness  for All



“New dimension, into which we have to rise… this is my order… please meditate… put your attention to your Sahasrara… there is no thought… it is actualization… let’s be strong people of strong values… with dignity…”


“So there should be no hatred or anger towards anyone. You should have a feeling of compassion towards those who are victims of evil tendencies. Think of transforming them. If you become forgiving then it could workout.”

H.H.Shri Mataji, Holi Puja, 2002, Gurgaon, India

You will be Protected like Prahlada

To understand Sahaja Yoga you need a Shraddavan (faithful) heart

“On this day I would request you to think of love all the time. Love is all knowledge. Knowledge is all love.

There is nothing beyond. If you have knowledge, it has to pass the test of love.

If you know a person, it makes no record on you because you know him from outside.

But if you love a person then you know the person out and out.

You know him so well, you know him… everything, the way it is.

It is this knowledge that is what we call is the ‘para’ [Sanskrit meaning beyond/more] knowledge.

That is the knowledge we have to seek.”


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Birthday Puja, Mumbai, 1977-03-21

Nirmal Vidya: Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja

You have to love

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You are not to fight in the name of God but you have to love and understand. So this fighting in the name of God is a nonsense; not only that but it is very-very dangerous. All such people who will do that will be destroyed. It is self destructive. Such people will be destroyed completely.

So you should understand that in the name of God you have to love, you have to understand. You need not tolerate nonsense, it’s different, but you have to love people- spread your love.

Gradually this love can go all over the world and then the vision of mine, I can see, working out but if there is fighting, there’s hatred, there’s all kind of aggressiveness, these are all against Shiva and such people will be destroyed. What will I do with them? What can I do if they are destroyed? If they are very money oriented, materialistic people, they are not loving.

They love you only for money. All such people will be destroyed, no doubt. One should be not only humble but should be extremely loving. To get the blessings of Shiva you have to be extremely loving. Such people may not be very cunning, clever, may be very innocent, must be, because when you love somebody you want to help that person.

I have suffered myself, I have tried to help people and they have deceived me. So what! That’s their nature and they are destroyed. What can I do? I didn’t ask them that you deceive me but they deceived me. I don’t know, why?

And I have been very kind and nice- still they deceived me! So then the destruction follows, what can I do about it? I don’t want anybody to be destroyed. I love this creation of mine and I don’t have any way of protection them if they are destructive.

Because there’s another great power who can destroy them. This is a absolutely, I am in a helpless condition sometimes I feel. And I don’t know how to express but one has to understand as Sahaja Yogi that with Shiva’s love and His blessings you can become extremely loving, extremely generous, very-very sweet and innocent like children.

H.H.Shri Mataji, Shri Mahadev Puja, 25th February 2001, Pune

“One should not have sympathy with anyone who is negative, whether he is mad, whether there is something wrong with him, whether he is your relation or anything.  No sympathy of any kind, on the contrary a kind of anger should be there for that person, a kind of detachment.  And this angry detachment is the only time, when you have to be angry.  But I have seen people who have anger for very good Sahaja Yogis, but not for their own husbands or wives who are extremely negative…

Rudra is the destructive power of Shiva, of the spirit…  Negative forces… are all neutralized by His tremendous power of protection.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 06 09 1984



When one becomes a Sahaja Yogi

Purify and enlighten your inner Self through Devi Kavach


Transformation into a complete Chaitanya Shakti

 “The love that I am talking about – the divine lovemakes you not only strong but dynamic. It is the greatest luminous power that we can think of. Only when love is surrounded by gross, and is lost in the gross, it looks as if it is weak and under chains. The time it is released, the dynamic power of love can transcend all the evil powers of the world.

When people get their realization, automatically the ego drops out – to a great extent I should say. Because, you say that the vibrations are passing; you don’t say that you are giving them. Because the dropping of the ego sometimes it happens that you feel that whatever you wanted to have you have got it, and you better not talk about it. When there is any opposition from anywhere, you shun it and sit away from it. You don’t want to face the opposition of any negative opposition – whether it is by speech or by… even by evil methods. We run away from that thinking, “Oh God! How are we going to face it?” On the contrary a person who is negative, who has got hatred … starts talking big. He thinks he is above everybody else, he can befool all the world; He takes a responsibility on himself. He starts a big ashram or some big place where he sits down with all his ignorance and starts spreading his knowledge – the so called – to people. By his methods people get impressed and they all go and fall at his feet.

While the realized sits at home quietly wondering, “What are these fools doing?” But, it is not now for the realized to sit down and to wonder and laugh at the foolishness of the people who are not yet realized. Not even to take pity on them, but to come out, come out with the sword of love to win the whole world. It is very very essential. If the creation has to be saved, then you are not to keep mum about it. All the wrong ideas about love, all the falsehood about love, has to be given up. One must know that it is the dynamic power. And it won’t allow you to sit comfortably with yourself, enjoying the peace and the bliss, when the rest of the world is not enjoying that and is playing into the hands of the evil geniuses who have come in this world to destroy and to bring the satanic realm on this earth. …

The complete power … will flow through your Sahasrara, inside your being, and completely revolve around your whole being and transform the inside into a complete Chaitanya Shakti, a complete divine power. Allow it to come in, accept it. Accept it without any fear. Let it get in. Every moment, every moment keep awake. It’s a very precarious time that we are up to. I have only two hands you can see that very clearly. … I can do everything but not to make you do something. Your will, will be respected throughout. Every other thing can be looked after except for one – that you should be a perfect machine, a perfect channel, a perfect flute for my lord to play that tune of love. It is for you to clear out all your seven holes. It is for you to clear out your hollowness and to be complete within yourself and He knows his job. He is the artist. But you are the instruments. And the harmonious music from so many souls can fill the ears of these evil people and can penetrate into their heart and put love into them and may be that they themselves will give up their evil ways and fall at the feet of love.

Krishna is to be born within your being. When you are Krishna , you are not going to see me. Let us now go to the state, which is beyond words, beyond thoughts, into the realm of thoughtless awareness where the Divine is pouring its blessings.”

More:  http://sahaj-az.blogspot.com/2009/07/shri-krishna-puja-1973.html

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Krishna Puja, Mumbai, 1973



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Sahaj Love! Sahaj Love! Sahaj Love!

Sahaj Love! Sahaj Love! Sahaj Love!


 We praise You
Enveloped and penetrated by the sari
Of Your Pure Divine Love
All Pervading, and Almighty
Loving, Joyous, Blissful, Peaceful
Nourishing, continuously flowing
Spreading Purity
Transforming the world
Into a new one,
Into embodiment of BrahmaChaitanya
Into Loving, Innocent Oneness
Of United Spirit

Veni Grig

Love begets Love… The Greates Guru that we have is Love, Sahaj Love… is the Guru within us…

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“I am sure, one day all of us will live together eternally…”

Shri Mataji Nimala Devi

Bliss and Peace and Harmony

(Last minutes of the India ceremony)

Enjoy some Loving Divine Beauty

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Enjoy some Loving Divine Beauty of Mother Nature!

Only manifestation of  Divine Love is Pure and Beautiful!

Beauty of Mother Nature

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Beauty of Mother Nature is inexplicable.

Words are speechless before its vibrantly harmonious unity.

Its pure love can be only enjoyed by the Spirit!

 Veni Grig

Blissful Divine Oneness

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Just Blissful Divine Oneness!

Meditate dissolved in it…





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