Become One with Divine Force of Paramchaitanya

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“Paramchaitanya is absolutely effective and very efficient… if you do anything wrong, it will punish you keep the connection on… make it stronger and stronger and become one with that Divine Force (of Paramchaitanya) permanently, which will flow through you and will, not only enlighten you, but will give you so many powers and you will see the new life…  

…there are two forces working. One, which attracts you inside and one, which throws you out…  if you try to…dislocate yourself from this joy, break the connection of joy by…thinking, which is not reality, then you are responsible for yourself (on your own, away from Kingdom of God)…

the main problem is yourself. It should be solved by you, by meditative methods.  …so much attention we are paying to all our extra-curricular activities, but that will definitely fail. It will boomerang on you if you do not have the foundation of Sahaja Yoga. It’s very important to keep attention on your Spirit all the time so that whatever you are doing, whatever you’re projecting has the base and you just don’t get lost… 

without the nourishment from the roots you cannot grow

nourishment must be kept alive.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 01.01.1991

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Sahaja Yoga meditation – philosophy and teachings

Sahajayoga,Diwali Puja with Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi

 Maiyaa tere Charno Ki- sahaj yoga bhajan



Benefit from some guided sessions of Sahaja Meditation

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Relax, De-Stress, Balance, Enjoy!


Meditation sessions 1


 Meditation sessions 2


Meditation sessions 3


Ego makes you stupid

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“The right hand side is the ego, which is real problem, you understand that, is a real colossal one you have to face them, I mean. I say anything small here and there I find the whole thing coming up onto my head like that. So what is the solution for a colossal ego? Colossal ego can only be conquered by forgiving others. Those who have ego must learn if they feel hurt they must say, “forgive.” Then another person hurts them, say, “forgive.” And not only forgive but ask for forgiveness. Both things should be done, more asking for forgiveness. You have to ask for forgiveness if you have too much of ego. It is very important. Because if you have too much of ego means what? That you have pampered it too much. That means you have used it too much. You have dominated people and that’s why you have such a lot of ego. If you have such a lot of ego you must all the time try to humble down in your heart. Now in the heart resides the Spirit. The ego, too much of ego in a person always takes you away from that Spirit. That’s why it is said, “Humble down in your heart.” The reason is, in the heart resides that part of yours which gets completely obliterated or forgotten once you start pumping up your ego.

But ego has its limits, it ends up into stupidity and foolishness…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 18 12 1978


Join online group meditations through Online Meditations Community & more

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open white lotus

Join online group meditations through

Live Meditations Community



(in Russian-Bulgarian-English)

On:  Sahaja Yoga Bulgaria

On:  Freemeditation.TV

On:  Indian Online Meditations

Australia: Weekly Radio Programs

Experience Online Guided Meditations

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Birds' Flight

In order to advance in meditation, one has to meditate on a regular basis,

15-20 minutes in the morning, and in the evening. makes it easy for your start and progress.

Start and keep listening regularly to the Guided Meditations:

Forgiveness is a key to Evolution

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Canesha“If you do not forgive, you play into wrong hands.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi




Forgiveness comes by people who are very generous, who are good-hearted.

You know, everybody makes mistakes and so we can also make mistakes.

But that means we have a right to forgive and we have a heart to forgive.

If you don’t have that, then we are not Sahaja yogis.

We must learn to forgive and forgive without any remarks behind it.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Easter 2008

Part and Parcel of Totality

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‘Gnyana’, is the knowledge, is the true knowledge, the pure knowledge.

Is not the knowledge of chakras; not the knowledge of vibrations;

not the knowledge of Kundalini but the knowledge of God Almighty.

And the knowledge of God Almighty is not mental. Again, I tell you,
it starts from your heart and goes to your brain. Something that
comes out of your experience of joy and covers your brain.

So your brain cannot deny it any more

Knowledge about God – that He’s love, that He’s truth, that

He knows everything that just become part and parcel of your being;
absolutely, and that’s the time we say is the nirvana….
It cannot be described in words, but to know that’s God. After all,
that’s God. God Almighty. And that gives you that beautiful surrender
where you just feel absolutely secured in that ocean of love.

I wish you all to achieve that state.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 16 02, 1991



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