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‘Gnya’ means the knowledge and ‘Pra’ means the AWAKENED KNOWLEDGE. Which comes out of meditation, sustenance of meditation, and then the Samadhi is the effect of that. It’s a kind of a fruit ripening. When this ripens, then you get the taste, the sweetness of character, and then you start seeing around, how the Nature, the Divine, is sweetly playing with you.
This state must be achieved. For every Sahaja Yogi, it is important that they must achieve this state, because unless and until you have minimum achieved this stage, you’ll be still in a dangerous zone, which, as I told you, upsets Me very much.
So everybody must decide to reach a state where you everyday see the blessings of God manifesting. That means you have entered into the kingdom of God. This is the kingdom of God, in which you are looked after, protected, guided, and properly taken to the place of heavenly bliss. Through material manifestation, through mental manifestation, through financial manifestation, through relationship manifestation, through so many things, and also the natural manifestation by which you see the sun, the moon, the stars, the heavens, and all the five elements help you. This state, all of you must achieve, all of you. Again the word is ‘all’ of you should achieve. And then only the higher ascent works out.

“How to achieve this state?” is a common question.

So what have we to do? First of all, by God’s grace, as I told you, you all are realized people so your ascent is made in the center, which is a very, very, difficult thing, absolutely difficult, no doubt. But you should learn to keep in the center. But how to keep the attention in the center is the problem for many people who are still not above themselves.

Now when you meditate, try to meditate in a sustained way, first of all sustain it. Then you find that you are getting into the state of Samadhi, means at a state where you start feeling the joy and the bliss of God’s blessings, and then you start saying “O God, what a blessing, what a blessing, and what a blessing”. Once you have reached that state then you have to realize “Who am I”. Who are you? What are you? You are the Spirit. After establishing your sustained attention on the Spirit you’ll develop a state where you’ll be in a complete state of witnessing with joy.”

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