Sahaja Yoga – Surya Dance

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Dip in the loving vibrations of Mother Nature and of the Sahaj Surya Dance:)

Infuse in Casabella’s sahaj music

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Gianni: If you listen to the lyrics they reflect the essence of sahaj. I would like to represent a life style out there in the world where it is possible to live and enjoy yourself without drinking and taking drugs. Meditation is the only ways to keep your subtle system clean and be able to get the most from your life. Casabella name is dedicated to Cabella village in Italy and that is the root where most of us are coming from. I would like that we can break through the minds and conditionings of people to help bringing a new era in our planet, together with every single project that Mother is working on, where we all have a role.

Sahaja yoga plays a very big role in our music. The lyrics are sahaj and with our music we want to tell people about another way of living, a life of peace with complete joy and self awareness as the spirit. A life does exist without stress and the need for alcohol and drugs. If we surrender we can be touched by the divine vibrations.

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Abode of human Spirit

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Get drenched in the vibrant beauty of Oleg Mayorov’s arts on:


Truth & Reality

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Divine Mother


Dearest Holy and Divine Mother

Mother-Creator of the whole world, and of all universes

Mother-Sustainer of the entire Creation

Mother-Evolver of all-existing

Mother of Pure Divine Love

Mother of Compassion, and of Forgiveness

Mother of Joy, Mother of Bliss, Mother of Peace

Mother all-pervading, permeating, nourishing

Mother enlightening, and rising up awareness

Mother-Transformer into Eternal

…   …   …

Your Light and inexplicable beauty

Are seen with the eye of the heart

When surrendered to Your Divine Lotus Feet

In fragrantly-open Sahasrara Lotus

Your Love is deeply felt through Atma

Warmly expanding the heart, and making it only love

Your Bliss generously drenches the soul

Quenching its thirst for Amruth

Your Silence transcends into Infinite

Converting human entity into affectionate peace

Harmoniously purifying the globe

Unifying it with The Whole


Veni Grig

Enjoy Silent Night

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Silent Night, the Classic Christmas carol, originally a poem written by Josef Mohr.

Music was added by Frans X. Gruber to Hubble Space Telescope photos.



“So try to be simple, innocent, not reactive, and keep quiet and peaceful, because here
we are talking about the global transformation where people will find their peace in
their heart and will establish a new world of peace, joy and spirituality.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Christmas Puja 1995

Good tidings of Great Joy

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I bring you good tidings

Of great joy…

 Luke 2:10

More vibrant Joy on:

Heart-touching voice of Tatiana Samoylova

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Tatiana Samoylova, a Russian born soprano, has a unique voice

which is said to have a healing effect on the heart of the listener.

Deep Meditation and Realm of Absolute Truth

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Deep Meditation and Realm of Absolute Truth


Once we get settled in the Realm of Absolute Truth in Sahasrara

Each meditation is a great puja for us

Puja of Shri Adi Shakti, of Shri Sadashiva, of all Devis, of all Deities, of all saints

And no rituals are needed any more

Hence rituals are just symbols of Real Becoming

Giving us only hints what we are supposed to achieve

Each meditation lets The Ganga of All-Pervading Divine Love flow more and more

From the Himalayas of our Sahasrara

And keep us drenched in its Nirmal vibrations

Each meditation is a tool of transformation

And means of changing of the world

Into a new one, into a World of Pure Divine Love

Veni Grig

Our dearest Home/Mother Earth

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It is our responsibility to keep Mother Earth harmonious

and to live in concord with Nature.

Our compassion and pure love to IT is a sign of the level of our maturity,

and spiritual growth.

Beauty of Mother Nature

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Beauty of Mother Nature is inexplicable.

Words are speechless before its vibrantly harmonious unity.

Its pure love can be only enjoyed by the Spirit!

 Veni Grig

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