Shiva-Shakti Cosmic Love and Joy

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Brahma Murari Sura architha Lingam,
Nirmala bashitha Shobitha Lingam,
Janmaja dukha vinasaka lingam.
That pranamami sada shiva lingam.

Deva Murari pravarchitha Lingam,
Kama dahana Karunakara lingam,
Ravana darpa vinashana lingam,
That pranamami sad shiva lingam.

Sarva sukandhi sulepitha lingam,
Budhi vivarthana karana lingam,
Siddha surasura vandhitha lingam,
That pranamami sada shiva lingam.

Kanaka mahamani bhooshitha lingam,
Panipathi veshtitha shobitha lingam,
Daksha suyagna vinasana lingam,
That pranamami sada shiva lingam.

Kunkuma chandana lepitha lingam,
Pankaja hara sushobitha lingam,
Sanchitha papa vinasana lingam,
That pranamami sada shiva lingam.

Deva Ganarchitha sevitha lingam,
Bhavair bakthi pravesa lingam,
Dinakara koti prabhakara lingam,
That pranamami sada shiva lingam.

Ashta dalopari veshtitha lingam,
Sarva samudbhava karana lingam,
Ashta daridra vinasana lingam,
That pranamami sada shiva lingam.

Suraguru sura vara poojitha Lingam,
Sura vana pushpa sadarchitha lingam,
Parathparam paramathmaka lingam,
That pranamai sada shiva lingam.

I bow before that Lingam, which is the eternal Shiva,
Which is worshipped by the teacher of gods,
Which is worshipped by the best of gods,
Which is always worshipped by the flowers,
From the garden of Gods,
Which is the eternal abode,
And which is the ultimate truth.

Lingashtakam, Idam Punyam padeth Shiva Sannidhow,
Shivalokam avapnothi shive na sahamodathe.

Any one who chants the holy octet of the Lingam,
In the holy presence of Lord Shiva,
Would in the end reach the world of Shiva,
And keep him company.


BrahmaMurari SurarchitaLingam


Attitude & Detachment

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“We try to do our level best, but still sometimes you feel that there can be some mistakes we might have committed. But it is not for you to be upset about it because once you have reached the shores of joy, then you should not give it up for anything because it is your own choice whether you want joy or you want unhappiness….

Whatever your past was, whatever mistakes you might have committed in the past in your ascent or whatever might have happened in the past because of others to you, it is all lost in the past, in the ocean of the past….

When you reach a certain state, then you should not allow anything of the past to come back. I would even suggest to give a challenge to the past….

Even if you are afraid of the past … or you get angry with yourself or you feel upset about it, then yet you have not reached the point. So now you have to see it, that you are at a distance. That’s why you are seeing it. Nothing can touch you.

So the judgement will come to you from yourself. “Am I still involved in the past that was yesterday? Is it finished now? Am I even now bothered about it?” …

Now you have become the fruit which is ripe, so why should you worry about things which you are not any more? Now if you have become a full-fledged bird, why should you worry about the egg that used to smell so badly? That is the attitude one must have towards oneSelf, the confidence within oneSelf.”

Kundalini itself makes you subtler, but if you are a stone, what can Kundalini do? Now it is for you to see where you are stone. There should be lots of heart searching; the greatest Stone Age is nowadays! Heart is like a stone, doesn’t move when talking to others, it does not move. It has no ripple in it. There isn’t any joy in it. Sitting there to hate everyone. If anyone sees you, ‘Oh baba, he’s coming, go from the other road, oh, that fellow with the stone heart!’ And you feel you are all right, you are a very good person because you are stonehearted. You think you can dominate the whole world, you can give psychological treatment to others, ‘Keep quiet, don’t talk to anyone’, shout at others, do whatever you please, because you have a stone heart. Nothing happens to a stone there. Now this stone-heartedness is the sign that you should not be any more in Sahaja Yoga.

You must have a heart as your Mother has, pulsating with Love, with Compassion, with Joy, with Happiness, with Giving. That should be the attitude. Not rationality. Nothing. It is to feel. Feeling for the pains of others. Feeling for their longing and aspirations. Just feel within yourSelf – is there desire to be the whole? To be the Ocean itself is so fulfilling.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Sacral Nirvana

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Seeing the Absolute Truth through the eyes of more seekers of the Spirit.

Universe is a continuous flow of Pure Divine Love;

one can become One with it, if he/she wishes it:)

All scriptures guide humanity towards it.



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Interview with God:)


Pure attention and Sahaja Yoga

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Pure Attention… The pure attention would be that I just watch… without thinking… Just watch… without thinking… then you enjoy the mostenjoy the joybliss…”

Shri Mataji’s vision for Sahaja Yoga: 

“All the good people, righteous people, God loving people will raise above all that is useless worldly, and reside in the heavens with all the blessings of God for ever and ever.”                                                                                                                                                           Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“You have to dedicate yourself completely to Me, not to Sahaja Yoga, but to Me.
Sahaja Yoga is only one of my aspects. Leaving everything you have to dedicate.
Complete dedication – otherwise you cannot ascend any further. Without
questioning, without arguing, complete dedication is the only way you can
achieve it.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Cheltenham, U.K., 31 July, 1982

Purify and enlighten your inner Self through Devi Kavach

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Our Guru is the Great Mother. All Her Shakti and Yogini aspects are available for Her Children. By reading the Kavach of the Devi, we mobilize these powers to purify and enlighten our Koshas (our mental, emotional and physical bodies). Thus by the power of the Guru-mata, the Atma becomes the guru of the body. May the wisdom and compassion of our Sat-guru flow through us and reach the four quarters of the Earth! Aum.

Tune Mujhe Bulaya Sherawaliye

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Drench in the Ocean of Loving vibrations:)



Mother Goddess and Kundalini



Sri Guru Ashtakam

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Guru is a manifestation of All-Pervading Divine Spirit,

an expression of Pure Divine Love on Earth,

and in the entire Creation.

Give with your full heart

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“So you see when it comes to giving, give it with your full heart. You just feel that love of giving and you feel so happy, because you feel so big about yourself, like an ocean that’s giving so much of clouds and again it is receiving these rivers into it, and again making it into clouds, a sort of a circle of beautiful conversion into beauty after beauty starts, it’s so beautiful.

And that’s what we should try to become, a part of that circle, which is so beautiful and which is so joy giving, to yourself also. And this is what it is, and this hand is for ashraya, means for the protection. “

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Centre point of the Creation within

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“The heart is the centre point of the Creation… and hence

all chakras are subservient to it.

It is the power-house of the body and

from it energy flows to all other points. It is the seat of the Spirit,

the ultimate source of all power…”

 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



 MahaShivaratri: the celebration of our Spirit

Enjoy Jago Kundalini Ma Bhajan

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Jago Kundalini Ma, piano version,

sung by Japanese Sahaja meditation group on 06 09 2009.



Bhajan, devotionnal song to rise kundalini🙂


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The play of Male and Female

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