Ave Maria-Divine Mother

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Peter’s beautiful, vibrant, and uplifting video emits Pure Divine Love, Joy, Peace.

Enjoy it: http://sahajapower.wordpress.com/2009/02/01/ave-maria-divine-mother/


Divine Messages

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Shri Mataji-founder of Sahaja Yoga


“The Grail of the Feminine is urging us to open our minds to a new vision of reality, a revelation of all cosmic life as a divine unity…”

More: http://adishakti.org/index.htm

Divine Message

Shri Mataji declares that She is the Adi Shakti sent to deliver the Divine Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection to humanity.

More: http://adishakti.org/divine_message.htm

Age of Aquarius

“This age will be an age of splendour and of light, because it is the home of the Holy Breath; and the Holy Breath will testify anew for Christ, the Logos of the eternal Love. At first of every age this Logos is made manifest in flesh so man can see and know and comprehend a Love that is not narrow, circumscribed. Twelve times in every revolution of the sun this christed Love of God is made full manifest in flesh upon the planes of earth, and you may read it in Akasha the wondrous lessons that these Christs have taught to man” (p.15.) – Dan Costian (Ph.D), Bible Enlightened

More: http://adishakti.org/age_of_aquarius.htm

Yoga’s Divine Mother

The Gnostic Gospels lay suppressed for 19 centuries after the time of Christ, when they were created – from, in part, Christ’s teachings. Upon their discovery in 1945, researchers found amazing verses attributed to Sophia, the Great Mother. “I am the Invisible One within the All. I am immeasurable, ineffable, yet whenever I wish, I shall reveal myself of my own accord…It is I who am hiding within radiant waters. It is through me that Gnosis (a knowing) comes forth. I am the real Voice.”

More: http://adishakti.org/_/yoga%27s_divine_mother.htm

European Realisation Day

The Theme of this first European Realisation Day is Experience your Self-Realisation. Read on to understand exactly what this means.

Experience your Self-Realisation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZY494sTFe4&feature=related

Self-realisation is a positive and deeply enriching experience.

“Know thyself”… it becomes evident and one reaches the absolute understanding of oneself.

… a union with your inner self and with the greater consciousness, an experience sought after by man throughout the ages.

… through Sahaja Yoga, the individual becomes better integrated within his or her society and environment and one’s actions become harmonious with the whole.


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With an eye made quiet

by the power of harmony,

and the deep power of joy
we see into the life of things.

More: http://sukshmart.blogspot.com/

Divine Will

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Divine Will is my will

 Being in the center is my purpose

Harmonious completely

One with The Divine

Igniting Light of Love

Being perfect channel of The Spirit

Radiating Love to the world

Purifying and transforming

Everything around

Embodiment of Chaitanya

Embodiment of Purity and Innocence

Embodiment of Love

Embodiment of Light

Veni Grig

Enlightened Arts

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“This is the era of Enlightenment. One can see and feel the bubbling of new idioms in our creative world of Art, Music, and all that is beautiful and joy-giving. Integration is the key note of this new regeneration of universal tones. These tones are ripples of the harmonic, dynamic undercurrent music of the Universal Divine Love.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Enjoy the enlightened Hemagni Gallery art of Emiliya Veitch


Australian Bhajans Group Music of Joy

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Music of Joy is a unique, multicultural group of musicians in Australia who believe the purpose of music is to create and share joy. Exceptional joy – jubilant, relaxing, profound. Joy that reverberates with audiences, offering elation, bliss, solace.
More:  http://www.sahajayoga.com.au/news/2007/06/28/australian-bhajans-group/

Sahaja Yoga Meditation’s Music of Joy sings Namostute

Enjoy meditating with Australian SYogis

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Learn to meditate through guided meditations

Just visit http://www.sahajayoga.com.au/media/radio/index.shtml


Enjoy meditation sessions by themes:

The Chakras and The Channels

Other Special Program Themes

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Love and Joy

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light pink lotus
“It is said that God is love, you have heard that many a times and many people have explained in their own ways what is love, but to feel that love is the best way of understanding it. Even if you explain or describe in all details, though it is described in all detail, you cannot enjoy love without experiencing it. This experience comes to us because God himself has placed within us the mechanism to absorb this love and to manifest it. It is a very delicate mechanism within us, extremely delicate. This mechanism is placed in our heart and by our ignorance so many times we spoil this mechanism or disturb it, or sometimes even completely destroy it.

The light of love is joy anything else cannot give you joy. It’s only the love that you feel in your heart gives you joy.
This mechanism acts in seven layers within us
. In the periphery of these seven layers we have got ripples of this joy arising they come to the shores of our brain and create the bubble of joy, but again if the brain is a very rational rock then these bubbles dissolve giving no effect to the rock. So
, a loving person is thousand times better than a rational person.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Mumbai, 30.12.1979

Message of Love

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“… the day will come when human beings will be understanding the beauty of love, then from the heavens there will be flowers falling on us.
It is my vision. It’s the future for you, to see how peacefully you can talk to people, how sweetly you can love others, how much you can give to others.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Truth is Reality

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Reality is the Paramchaitanya

We are aware that the Paramchaitanya [All-pervading Power] does everything. At least mentally we know that everything is worked out by the grace of the Paramchaitanya, which is the power of the Adi Shakti [Primordial Power]. But still, it is not so much in our heart, so much in our attention.
We can consider the Paramchaitanya like an ocean, like an ocean which contains everything within itself … Everything is within its own limits, so it cannot be compared with a limit. You cannot compare it.
Now if you see the sun, then from the sun, the rays have to come out to work it. If you see somebody – say, a person who has an authority – he has to assert that power outside. So within himself, he doesn’t work it out.
For example, if there’s a seed and, inside the seed, only the tree grows and the fruits come out and then they are sold and people eat them and everything is inside that seed, then that is the Paramchaitanya.
So we are all enveloped in it … We are on the waves, so we see it as dislocated, separated – like we feel, “This is Germany” or “This is England” or “This is India”. These are just folds of the sari of Paramchaitanya, which look separated, but they are not separated. They are continuous. So the connection is absolutely complete. if I pull a thread from here, the thread will throughout be pulled.
In the same manner, this Paramchaitanya is working within itself and there is nothing without.
So when you are Sahaja Yogis, it pays special attention to you … It becomes absolutely one with you. Whatever you desire, whatever you want also will be coming from the same Paramchaitanya, if you are one with it.
Like in  a turbulent ocean, some drops of water may fly into the air and start thinking, “We are above. We are away from the world, away from the ocean.” But again, they have to fall into the same.
So this formless energy has all the intelligence, all the coordination, all the organisations, all the computers, all the televisions, all that you can think of as communication and of governing, of administration. And, above all, it is the love. It is the love of God and love of your Mother. So to be one with this Paramchaitanya, you have to know that you have to become reality …
So all of you Sahaja Yogis have to know that, in reality, you do not do anything and everything is done by the Paramchaitanya. This is the difference between a non-Sahaja Yogi and a Sahaja Yogi. A non-Sahaja Yogi does not know. And even if he knows, this is not the truth in his heart. It’s not a part and parcel of his being.
But a Sahaja Yogi knows that reality is the Paramchaitanya and it is Reality that works out everything – and this reality is Divine Love.
Shri Mataji, 1989

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