Enlightenment with Light of Divine Love

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Meditation Class 1 – Experiment with Truth – Intro

Meditation Class 2 – Prepare yourself for Kundalini awakening

Meditation Class 3 – The experience of your Kundalini awakening

Meditation Class 4 – Communicate with the All-Pervading Power (Vishuddhi chakra)

Meditation Class 5 | Self Mastery (Void)

Meditation Class 6 – The true Self (Heart chakra)

Meditation Class 7 – Your door to paradise (Agnya chakra)

Meditation Class 8 – Your inner roots of peaceful balance (Mooladhara chakra)

Meditation Class 9 – The uppermost energy center (Sahasrara chakra)

Meditation Class 10 – Experience once more your Kundalini awakening

Breathing exercise for the Heart chakra



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 Love will cleanse everything

Seeking the Absolute Truth

Become One with Divine Force of Paramchaitanya







Любовь БОГA- самая сильная и чистая энергия!!!

Divine Love – is the most powerful and pure energy!!!

“Who are established Sahaja Yogis, you must help them; because we are one personality and these are all the different hands of one personality, one God. So this oneness must be established within yourself and also others should see that oneness in you.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Diwali Puja 2001

So we have to work very hard. We have to work.
It is effortlessly given to you, all right, but to maintain it, keep it up to go high,

we have to religiously work it out.

It is a very humble attitude in receiving more and more into your being,

imbibing into your being.
Let it trickle into your brain completely covering it.
Let that external bliss come into you.
I am so anxious. Do not make yourself a small person.
Have a bigger vision.

Have bigger ideas because now you belong to the bigger thing, the biggest of all,

the Primordial, the highest, to the Virata!

If you realize your importance then you will work it out.

Shri Mataji, January 1984


 Flow through within Mother, please, flow

 Wash out all wrong, old, and unneeded

 Flow non-stop freely through and throughout

 Make out a hollow flute out of the soul

 Transform it into a purely loving flute

 Into a purely compassionate seeker

 Seeker of Absolute Truth

 Into a pure emitter

Emitter of Pure Divine Love

 Consciously loving Entire Creation

 Into a perfect Mirror

 Mirroring Primordial Mirror of Divine Love

 Mirror of Cosmic Harmonious Rhythm

 Rhythm of Divine Spirit

 Veni Grig

Enjoy the Loving Harmony of Mother Nature

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Loving Harmony of Mother Nature

compassionately brings us to a  complete balance.

Enjoy Incredible Beauty of Mother Nature

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Niagara Falls

Beautiful Niagara Falls, view from the air and from the boat.

Spring Symphony

Mother Nature Majestic Beauty

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Royal Splendor of Rocky Mountains


Mount Kailash & Om Namah Shivaya

One of Earth’s Most Spectacular Places – Ayers Rock – Australia

Spirit of Uluru (Ayers Rock)




Rainbow Joy

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Rainbow joyous play

Love of Mother Nature

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Enjoy sunrise vibrations

Enjoy the inexplicable bliss and purity of…

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Shri Ganesha


Sahaja Yoga – Shri Ganesha Swayambhu


Chaitanya Lahari


Sahaja Yoga – Shri Shiva Swayambhu


Deities in our chakras


Sahaja Yoga – Shri Gauri Swayambhu


Jai Shiva Shankara Bhola


Nirmal Mangalam


The Himalayas


Selected pictures of magnificent scenery of the Himalaya Mountains with fine music

BBC Himalayas video clip music by Rachel Scott


The Spirit Of The Himalaya


Nepal Trekking – Annapurna Base Camp Trek


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