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Question: Shri Mataji, you talk about our habits and weakness and how to overcome that. Question: You talk about our habits and weakness and how to overcome that. Can You talk a little bit more about it? Shri Mataji: See, we are weak because we are ignorant first of all. As I told you, we are holding the snake and there’s darkness and in that darkness we don’t see that this is going to bite us. But, when you become enlightened, you become a very powerful, dynamic person, absolutely. And you separate yourself from your habits. You see it very clearly. Then you don’t talk that “I have this habit or that habit.” You don’t say like that. Like a person would come and say, “Mother, you know, my Agnya is catching; this chakra is catching. That means I have too much ego.” But they don’t say, “I have ego.” I mean if you tell somebody, “You have ego,” they’ll hit you hard, isn’t it? But if a person gets it, he feels it. And he says, “Mother, I have too much problem with the Agnya Chakra so please clear it up.” So, if you have any habits – say supposing there are people who used to take drugs. In the beginning I had horrible people in England, about seven of them, all drug addicts and things. Of course, very well-educated, professors and things, but all drug addicts, hippies and violent people, really. When they came to Me, it was not easy to handle them. But they are today the foundation of Sahaja Yoga. Wonderful people they are. Now what happened, they said, “We want to get rid of it but we can’t. We just can’t help it.” But you will be amazed, overnight they gave up, overnight. Just it happens because you see the light and you throw the snake, just happens. You don’t have to think about it, just happens. I never tell them these Ten Commandments – don’t do this, don’t do that. Don’t tell them. Just it works from within. Why should I tell them? Why should I give them a lecture? There’s no need. They themselves become their own master and the mastery is that the master cures and gives you powers. You develop that dignity; it’s remarkable what happens. To Me, it’s not a surprise because I know what you are. You are so glorious. It’s like you take a small little, say a television to a remote corner of India and in some village and show them and say that “Here is a place, this box will show you all the kinds of music and all kinds of dramas and this.” They say, “What? This box? How is it going to work out?” And, you put it to the mains and it starts working and they say, “It’s fantastic.” It’s like that. We are fantastic, we are glorious but we have yet to be connected, that’s all. It just happens, you don’t have to force yourself, you don’t have to do anything. It just works. The inner force works it out.



Race of Homo Spirituals prophecy

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“When the millennium that comes after this millennium ends, men will have finally opened their eyes. They will no longer be imprisoned in their head and in their cities, but will be able to see from one end of the earth to another and understand each other. They will know that what makes one suffer hurts another. Men will form one huge body of which each one will be a tiny part. Together they will form the heart of this body. There will be a common language spoken by everybody and thus, finally, a glorious humanity will come into existence… because Woman will arrive to reign supreme. She will be a great master of the future time.

She will be the Mother of the Millennium that comes after the Millennium..

After the days of the devil She will make the softness of the Mother flow. She will, after the days of barbarity, embody beauty. The millennium that follows the millennium will metamorphose in an age of lightness: men will love each other, share everything, they will dream and their dreams will turn into reality..

Thus man will have his second birth. Spirit will possess the mass of men who will be united in brotherhood. So an end will be proclaimed to barbarity. It will be the era of a new strength of belief. The dark days at the beginning of the millennium that follows the millennium will be followed by days of jubilation: man will once more find the righteous path of humanity and Earth will find harmony once more.

There will be roads that connect one end of the earth and the sky to the other; the woods will once more be dense, the desert will once more be irrigated and the water will once again be pure. The earth will be like a garden: man will take care of every living thing and he will clean everything he has dirtied. He will understand that the whole of Earth is his home and he will think with wisdom of the morrow. Man will know everything on earth and his own body.

Diseases will be cured before they are manifested and everybody will cure themselves and each other. Man will have understood that he has to help himself to stay upright; and after the days of reticence and avarice, man will open his heart and his purse to the poor; he will define himself curator of the human species and so, finally a new era will begin. When man has learnt to give and share, the bitter days of solitude will be at an end. He will once more believe in the spirit, and the barbarians will be unheard of.

But all this will happen after the wars and the fires, all this will arise from the ashes of the burnt towers of Babel.”

The Knight John of Jerusalem, the Book of Prophecies, 11th Century


Peter’s ‘Ave Maria-Divine Mother’uncoditinal love video wraps it up: 


Mayan Prophecy 2012

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“The Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our making a choice of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or gradual peace and tranquility. The same theme can be found reflected in the prophecies of many other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear.” – Joseph Robert Jochmans
3rd Rare White Buffalo Born on Wisconsin Farm

Learn more on: http://adishakti.org/mayan_end_times_prophecy_12-21-2012.htm

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