Pure Divine Love

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Love is God.  God is Love.

Love is Truth.  Truth is Love.

Love is Reality.  Reality is Love.

Loving Love is Evolution.

You are love.  You come from love

You are made from love.  You cannot cease to love.

…..a quote by the eternal source of Wisdom, beauty and love – Hazrat Inayat Khan, A Sufi saint.

More:  http://1000petals.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/you-are-love/


One Love Ever Enchants

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Seeing the Absolute Truth through the eyes of more seekers of the Spirit.


We Are Butterfly Light

We are butterfly Light as we fly
as one to loves delight creating
sacred patterns bright as we dance
through honeyed pools of light all
serenely glowing we go forth as one
all knowing one true source as mystic
shapes reveal their wonders we swoop
to taste lifes sweet honeys awakening
to a life divine all shimmering vibrant
our wings sublimely coloured serenely
glowing at one are we reflecting sowing
our seeds of love divinely planted in the
hearts of all we meet to free all souls
through loves sweet ways as we choose
to soar on diaphanous wings sublimely
as we grow as one our ethereal lights
all joy permeates our essence there
as weaving to our hearts delight a
tapestry of exquisite brightness
as we create from this sacred place
a world of wonder full of grace


Alasdair Urquhart



Spiritual Evolution

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Seeing the Absolute Truth through the eyes of more seekers of the Spirit.

True Hearts

Ever let the union of souls
the marriage of true hearts
bring forth oneness in resolve
for in this melding we each do
grow in tender empathy
an embracive tone of pure
discourse flows a gentle
stream of consciousness
plays forth its merry tune
surrendering to its mellowness
we alight a chariot of peace
led by willing steeds of the
Divine transported in sacred
reverie we move through
celestial halls savouring the
ineffable sweetness of this
alchemical voyage with
all true hearts. Amen

 Alasdair Urquhart 


On The Birth Of Revelation

 on the birth of revelation lord
on the birth of revelation
two hearts acquiesce
and beat as one
on the birth of revelation

on the birth of revelation lord
on the birth of revelation
two souls can meet
and they shall
be as one
on the birth of revelation

… … …

Alasdair Urquhart 

Eternal Beauty

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Seeing the Absolute Truth through the eyes of more seekers of the Spirit.

Beauty is everywhere. You don’t have to bring beauty into existence. You don’t have to work at it. All that is required is that you appreciate it. Open yourself and enjoy the divine beauty of existence. If you look deeply into yourself, you can find within exactly this beauty which is given from above. Enjoy your own beauty of the Self.

The human body is a temple for divine treasures.
As we live on this planet, it gives us the chance to develop our consciousness.
The most valuable treasures which the person has are Light and Love.
Unconditional love is a divine gift from heaven.
We are born through this love.
We are part of this divine love.
And we will find our real home in divine love again.
We are all One!

We are Light & Love.


Heart’s Wisdom expresses the gift of  Pure Divine Love.

The Power Of One & Inner Beauty

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Seeing the Absolute Truth through the eyes of more seekers of the Spirit.

Know that every time you see and feel beauty in the world, you are seeing and feeling a representation of the immense beauty that resides in your soul — a reflection of the beauty within you.You are truly beautiful within your heart.

Perfect Flute to play the Tune of Love

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“Every other thing can be looked after, except for one: that you should be a perfect channel,

a perfect Flute for my Lord to play that Tune of Love”.

“It is for you to clear out all your seven holes <chakras>.

It is for you to clear out your hollowness and

for you to be complete within yourself.

And He knows His job. He is The Artist.

But You are the instruments.

And the harmonious music from so many souls can fill the ears of these evil people and can penetrate into their heart and put Love into them and maybe that they themselves will give up their evil ways and

Fall At the Feet of Love“.

“Today we all Sahaja Yogis are standing on the brink of the ocean, ocean of humanity where we have to face the problems of human beings otherwise in the nature there are no problems. They’re all already solved. So, one has to understand that it’s not just a movement of few people, chosen people, just to achieve self realisation, but it’s a big revolution which has to bring forth the beauties of human beings, the glories of human beings, the proof of Divinity, of Divine Power and of God Almighty. We have to now face that multitude of people who are absolutely ignorant compared to you. (those) Who have not known the knowledge of God, who are either, lost into the darkness of ignorance, or are burning in the fire of ego. We have to transform this world into a new world, a beautiful world, which you all are enjoying, to establish. To be established on this Earth for which we have to prepare ourselves.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

 More on:  http://www.free-meditation.ca/archives/4646

More:  http://sahaj-az.blogspot.com/search/label/Love

Meditate with Raag JaijaWanti Sahaja Classical Indian Music

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Enjoy Sahaja classical Indian flute, violin, tabla  music:)

Dip in the Rain of Vibrations of Trianjali Band

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‘Rain of Vibrations’ of Trianjali Band is a beautiful Fusion Music with Celtic & Indian influences.


 Trianjali Band 



Silent, beautiful, courageous attitude, non-dualism

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“Shivaji Maharaj. He was another great soul. A great soul who had such principles, and such beautifying life in his language, in his attitude and everything. With all that, he was a very brave person.
Once you have this you will not deter from doing anything that is important. You will have no fear of anyone. You will not go round and round but you will know how to find the solution and how to work it out.
This will happen to you if you really know yourself. You will have such powers of courage. You will not be a dare devil but with wisdom. Courage and with wisdom you will have and that is what is your Self, which will give you lots of wisdom and lots of courageIt’s not a fighting spirit, it’s not a violent nature, it’s not a rude nature.  But it is a very silent, beautiful, courageous attitude.”                                                                                                                                                                               Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 21 03 2001


“Every second becomes a joy, which is also the gift of Shiva. Shiva is the one who creates this great admiration and great appreciation of every moment, everything that is there. And that is the state we have to achieve…you can really become a great torch, I should say, torch on the path of truth, love and joy.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 03 06 1997
“One should not have sympathy with anyone who is negative, whether he is mad, whether there is something wrong with him, whether he is your relation or anything.  No sympathy of any kind, on the contrary a kind of anger should be there for that person, a kind of detachment.  And this angry detachment is the only time, when you have to be angry.  But I have seen people who have anger for very good Sahaja Yogis, but not for their own husbands or wives who are extremely negative…
Rudra is the destructive power of Shiva, of the spirit…  Negative forces… are all neutralized by His tremendous power of protection.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 06 09 1984






When the heart is purified

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When the heart is purified

When the heart is purified with sincerity
Then even enemies become friends..
Tigers may come near but will never attack one.
Poison offered to such a one will turn into nectar,
Any harm directed towards him will result into good,
Harsh words will sound polite.
Any pain afflicted will become the source of happiness.
The flames of fire will turn cool.
For God All Merciful is pleased.
If one’s heart is full of compassion,
If one loves others more than oneself,
God will look upon such a one with an eye of mercy
And bless his heart with His presence.

Saint Tukaram (1608-1660)

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