Leave Everything to The Divine

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“Music has a way of carrying these Divine Vibrations, but music has to be Divine also. The music which is erotic or something very base or related to something very ugly doesn’t work out. But if it is a proper music of E proper type then it communicates. But that discretion only comes after realization. What you enjoy there is the vibrations. You feel the cool vibrations and you start enjoying it…The cool vibrations soothe you down.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


Stand for Absolute Truth

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Diwali Puja, 17 11 1985, Tivoli, Italy

Shri Hanumana Puja, 23 04 1989 – Margate, England

Simple Morning Mood


loving clouds SY

Prayer to The Divine Mother


New World


Importance of Pure Attention

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“Mother Earth has done Her job. Wherever it was possible for Her, She has created living deities to show that God exists. That you can now test their vibrations and see for yourself how She has worked very hard. She has created all this beautiful universe. She has created you also. She has created the kundalini within you. She represents the beautiful nature we can say. In Her company, in Her bounties when you are drenched and you all meet each other, you see for yourself that how She blesses all of you just the same. There is no difference between you and any other person for Her. But those who are sensitive, are subtler people, enjoy Her much more than you people do…

If you are seekers and if you are ascending, you are definitely unique, specially blessed. And you have to pay special attention to yourself. You can’t afford to play with yourself. So you have to discriminate between ego or ego trips as they call it and ascent. Ego trips bring you back with the worst hurting. It would be something like throwing you in the air and again you come back with a bump and break one of your legs or something like that. That’s what ego trip is. But ascent is where you really rise above. Not only that you rise but with you, you make others rise. In your ascent, you develop tremendous powers. The higher you ascend the better it is. But not by understanding that I am perfect you can ascend, never so.”

Shri Mataji, Open Your Heart, 1981


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“When the day will come when human beings will be understanding the beauty of love,

then from the heavens there will be flowers falling on us.

It is my vision.

It’s the future for you, to see how peacefully you can talk to people,

how sweetly you can love others, how much you can give to others.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


“…you have to dedicate yourself completely to Me,

not to Sahaja Yoga but to Me.

Sahaja Yoga is just one of My aspects.

Leaving everything, you have to dedicate.

Complete dedication

otherwise you cannot ascend any further.

Without questioning, without arguing.

Complete dedication

is the only way you can achieve it…”

Shri Mataji, 31 07 1982


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Power of Love, Power of Absolute Truth, Power of Reality

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‎”That is why Christ has said: “Behold the Mother. Behold the Mother. Behold.” Because, when you look at me, I create Nirvichara”, you become Nirvichara. So you have to say “Mother you are Nirvichara“. And that is how your Agnya can be alright. And if you can put a light in front of you and say that your left agnya will be alright also.”

‎”Thinking too much is a sign of ego. People who think too much will never hit the solution, because they are just discussing, arguing, thinking. They have no solutions. Sahaja yogis have to introspect, to look inward and ask, Why am I thinking?’ What am I thinking? “What is the need to think? You will become Nirvichara. Don’t allow your mind to befool you. ”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 2.5.85

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi speaks on Science Conference about:

diversity in science, humility, Science of the Spirit, Absolute Truth,

Russian Scientists, All-pervading Power of Divine Love, Vibrations.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi during 1990 India tour talking about Shri Chakra, Vishuddi and Science of God.


Enlightenment of human beings

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Shri Mataji : The light of the world



Take to your Self… has to work only with your desire, only with surrendering

 the power of desire within works it out.

Real Diwali is Enlightenment of human beings

 See in that light what is good, and what is bad… and you are growing… 

When you are enlightened with that Light… with your light you can

enlighten other people

 and they can feel the joy of their Spirit

 You are the lights of the World

 Develop joy-giving temperament…”

 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 03 11 2002


Become the Spirit

This all-pervading power is the power of divine love. It thinks, it organises, it plans, it loves. It is the one which is the subtle of the ether, you can call it. It is the subtle of the matter. It is the subtle of your emotions. It is the subtle of your mental power. It is the subtle of your evolutionary power. But all integrated and coordinated in complete synchronisation. So efficient it is that you are amazed how it works.”

Shri Mataji, 11 06 1985

Love of Mother Nature:   The lavish beauty of Nature

All Mighty Transforming Love

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All Mighty Transforming Love

Light of Love enlightens everything

Love warms all existing

All-Pervading Power of Love transforms into Love

Love begets Love

Love brings wholeness to evolving matter

Love unites incomplete entities

Love illuminates darkness

Love heats up cold

Totality of Love creates unison

Accord of Love reveals Divine Reality

Love establishes concord within

Permeating Love bonds to Itself

Through Love imperfect becomes perfect

Through Love incomplete turns into complete

Through Love separated converts into united

Through Love negative becomes Loving

Love is The Almighty Transformer into Harmonious Loving World

Veni Grig


Enjoy a New World everyone

Enjoy a World of lovely Oneness

World of Joy and Bliss

World of Serene Peace

World of Compassion

World of hearty Care

Drench in its inexplicable beauty

In the Lotus of Light

In the Garden of Unity

In the Ganga of Purity

Where we are all One

Veni Grig


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Mokosh’ – the Russian goddess Lakshmi

Eternal Beauty

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Seeing the Absolute Truth through the eyes of more seekers of the Spirit.

Beauty is everywhere. You don’t have to bring beauty into existence. You don’t have to work at it. All that is required is that you appreciate it. Open yourself and enjoy the divine beauty of existence. If you look deeply into yourself, you can find within exactly this beauty which is given from above. Enjoy your own beauty of the Self.

The human body is a temple for divine treasures.
As we live on this planet, it gives us the chance to develop our consciousness.
The most valuable treasures which the person has are Light and Love.
Unconditional love is a divine gift from heaven.
We are born through this love.
We are part of this divine love.
And we will find our real home in divine love again.
We are all One!

We are Light & Love.


Heart’s Wisdom expresses the gift of  Pure Divine Love.

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