Enlightenment with Light of Divine Love

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Meditation Class 1 – Experiment with Truth – Intro

Meditation Class 2 – Prepare yourself for Kundalini awakening

Meditation Class 3 – The experience of your Kundalini awakening

Meditation Class 4 – Communicate with the All-Pervading Power (Vishuddhi chakra)

Meditation Class 5 | Self Mastery (Void)

Meditation Class 6 – The true Self (Heart chakra)

Meditation Class 7 – Your door to paradise (Agnya chakra)

Meditation Class 8 – Your inner roots of peaceful balance (Mooladhara chakra)

Meditation Class 9 – The uppermost energy center (Sahasrara chakra)

Meditation Class 10 – Experience once more your Kundalini awakening

Breathing exercise for the Heart chakra



Significance of Meditation & Meditation Music

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Seeking the Absolute Truth

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You are all ONE.. oneness in… in hearts… all this comes from within, not from without…

It is only one relationship… with Shri Adi Shakti… you are part and parcel of Adi Shakti…

one cannot get separated from Adi Shakti.

You are born out of Her, and you are requited by Her, you are looked after Her,

everything seems to be one to me.

Why do you people think it is a different line of action, which is wrong?…

Myself I am ONE with you, and I am always remained the same with all of you. For me there is no difference…

If… temperament changes… you will see the ONENESS among all of you,

and the differences will be lost in no time…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 2004

….” In these modern times it is very important to preserve your innocence; that Shri Ganesh should be awakened within you and also in other people. That is going to save this world. Nothing else but the innocence that you have is going to save the world. Whatever you may know, whatever you may say, whatever you may write, please see that you are not hurting the innocence within you. It is not necessary to lead a life of morality, this . that . What is needed is your innocence. Innocence itself gives you moral strength, moral understanding. You don’t have to read books for that, you don’t have to go to any guru for that. Innocence will guide you and tell you that this is what is Sahaj, this is what you have to have. You all have got Realisation, it is a very big thing that has happened to so many people. And I always want you to worship Shri Ganesh within you. Shri Ganesh is your innocence, it is the Spirit within you. When you want to know your Spirit, it is Shri Ganesha (who) you become one with; one with Shri Ganesh. It is within you, and is absolutely possible for all of you to be completely enlightened by the power of Shri Ganesha (of innocence ).”’
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Ganesha Puja 2000

Love will cleanse everything

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“…your heart and your mind must have respect. In any way, when you meditate, you should do it with Love, that’s all. Love will cleanse everything…Love means without any malice, without any anger. Something that is desired. It’s such an abstract thing that you cannot put it in words, but it’s a feeling within you.”

“The thoughts that starts moving in our mind all the time which creates tension is not the thought of the Spirit. So what you should say is ‘Not this thought, not this thought, not this thought’-and see how you relax. Now you are relaxed. ‘Not this thought, not this thought’…just go on refusing accepting any thought. So you go into Thoughtless. In that state you feel the Spirit.”

“If  you have to grow, you should be absolutely in connection with the Divine through thoughtless awareness.  You don’t have to pray, you don’t have to call anyone, nothing, it just works because it is within you. “ 

Your depth is in thoughtless awareness. Is a very important point which you should reach. Looking at anything, if you are thoughtlessly aware, then you really become reflective about it… Your connection with the Divine is only possible when you meditate and become thoughtlessly aware. That’s the point where Divine works, it helps you.  Is very important to become thoughtlessly aware, because then there are no thoughts coming from the left or right, from the past or the future. Just in the present you are there. “

“So when you are thoughtless awareness, means when your brain is just in the state of witness you understand everything that is Divine. Unless and until you are thoughtlessly aware, you cannot grow, that is first thing. And secondly unless and until you are thoughtlessly aware you do not know the absolute truth. Through your brain only you will know – you don’t have to put your hands, you don’t have to ask questions, but its like a computer that works, just gives you an answer. In that state you are completely one with the Divine. And it just gives you an answer and you do that and you are amazed how it has worked out. Everything, every moment is computerised with Shri Krishna (divine aspect dwelling in our Vishuddhi -throat chakra). But at the same time he tests you, he plays his Leela (divine play) on you, that one must know. Because he’s a diplomat.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

More on:  http://www.free-meditation.ca/archives/4648

Deep Meditation and Realm of Absolute Truth

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Deep Meditation and Realm of Absolute Truth


Once we get settled in the Realm of Absolute Truth in Sahasrara

Each meditation is a great puja for us

Puja of Shri Adi Shakti, of Shri Sadashiva, of all Devis, of all Deities, of all saints

And no rituals are needed any more

Hence rituals are just symbols of Real Becoming

Giving us only hints what we are supposed to achieve

Each meditation lets The Ganga of All-Pervading Divine Love flow more and more

From the Himalayas of our Sahasrara

And keep us drenched in its Nirmal vibrations

Each meditation is a tool of transformation

And means of changing of the world

Into a new one, into a World of Pure Divine Love

Veni Grig

Benefit from some guided sessions of Sahaja Meditation

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Relax, De-Stress, Balance, Enjoy!


Meditation sessions 1



 Meditation sessions 2



Meditation sessions 3



Pure Desire of Compassion and Love

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“The Power of Kundalini, which is your own Mother, has to rise and manifest itself, because of your Pure Desire. In your introspection, … and in your meditation, you should see for yourself, why are you in meditation.

It is for Pure Desire of compassion and love

to be awakened within us.”

“It’s so remarkable how the Nature is so much within us and how this, whatever is within us, guides outside and receives the blessings. We are not something separate. This Mother Earth is our home. We have a home in Her and She has a home within us.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


Quality of Growth

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Meditation is for you to go deep down into yourself, to achieve all that your Sahasrara wants to give. To achieve that height of detachment, of understanding is only through meditation. So what happens in meditation is that your awareness crosses over Agnya, goes above and is now stationed in the Sahasrara, in thoughtless awareness. Then the reality of Sahasrara, the beauty of Sahasrara starts pouring in your own character, in your own temperament. Unless and until you meditate, not meditate just to get well or just to feel that I was meditating. But meditation is very important for all of you that you develop your Sahasrara in such a manner that you imbibe the beauty of your Sahasrara. If you don’t use your Sahasrara in this way, after some time you will find Sahasrara will close down. You will have no vibrations and you will have no understanding of yourself. So a very very important thing is to meditate. I can immediately make out a person who has been meditating and the one who has not been meditating. Because a person who does not meditate still thinks that “Oh, it’s all right. I am doing this. I am doing that.” Meditation is the only way you can enrich yourself with the beauty of reality. There is no other way. I cannot find any other way by which you rise into the realm of divinity.

Unless and until your Sahasrara is open, all the blessings of the divine power cannot come to you, cannot. Maybe you might get some money. You might get some job. You might get this and that. But your own development is only possible when you meditate and your Sahasrara is completely open and open to truth.

Shri Mataji, 1998

Light of the Spirit

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Cosmic Beauty

Flow of Chaitanya

Enjoy the spiral flow of Chaitanya

Permeating, pulsating, nourishing


Be in meditation with It

Moving in fusion

To wherever it goes

Completely dissolved

In Its pure, soothing body

Feeling Its sweet, blissful Oneness

Veni Grig

Enjoy Aarti to Shri Ganesha song

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Aarti to Shri Ganesha, an Indian traditional praise to Shri Ganesha.

Enjoy the song on: http://www.freemeditation.ca/videoblog/bhakti-sangeet-aarti-to-shri-ganesha/

Shri Ganesha, please be kind and merciful and forgiving,

that You manifest within ourselves.

Let all these hypocritical things,

all these conditionings,

and all these wrong ideas we have,

or all the wrong life we have had,

just disappear like thin air;

and let the beautiful moonlight of Your soothing

qualities of innocence

be manifested through us.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Austria, 26 08 1990

“So the pure desire should be that:  Shri Ganesha, please give us

divine wisdom. That’s all.  It contains everything within it.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Italy, 15 09 1991

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