NIRANAND JOY with Nirananda on Nirananda

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Ali Mola with Nirananda Band

Nirananda -All are dancing on Mahakali

Omar playing at Djembe African Drum

Nirananda Band:Self-Introduction


Drench in Niranand Joy with Nirananda group from Toronto:)


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Once we get dissolved in the Divine Oneness

We loose our human domain of ego and superego

We blend with All-pervading power, with Divine Spirit

You and us doesn’t exist any more

Realm of God takes over everything

It is One, only One

Flow of love

Flow of bliss

Flow of silence

Flow of eternity

Veni Grig

Joy and Love

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“So you should be in the centre. Watch your ego and superego. You should not expect anything from others. With ego, you expect from others, with superego, you do for others… In the centre, you emit your Self, which is joy and love.”

The aura of the brain normally surrounds the heart, but when there is ego problem, the ego surrounds the heart, the brain is cut off from the heart, so you are a disintegrated person.”

“Sahaja Yoga is the only way through which we can face ego.”

“You have no time to judge others. Just see your Self. Face ityou do not do any living work.  Everything is done by the Divine. He is the doer and he is the enjoyer. Then you become one with the Divine. The power of the Divine is passing through you”.

“When you become integrated, then you see the whole is working and we as part are working.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


Prayer to The Divine Mother

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Prayer to The Divine Mother

Mother, please, unite my attention with my true atmic Self
Mother, please, keep my attention in your Divine Lotus Feet
Mother, please, make me thoughtless, centered in present
Mother, please, purify and balance my subtle system
Mother, please, make me egoless, superegoless, unconditional forgiver
Mother, please, open my heart
Mother, please, establish integration in my Sahasrara
Mother, please, make me a perfect divine instrument
Mother, please, make me a permanent citizen of Virata
Mother, please, dissolve my Spirit in the Divine Spirit
Mother, please, make me one with The Divine Oneness
Mother, please, use me as an assistant of your transforming work
In converting of humankind into a Race of Pure Divine Love
Mother, please, give me love to love your entire Creation
Veni Grig

Seeking the Absolute Truth

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“Truth to be achieved in your awareness.”

“At the very outset, we have to know what we are seeking.

We are seeking the truth. But what is the truth?

The truth is that we are not this body, we are not these emotions, this intellect, this ego, these conditionings, but

we are the Spirit, the Pure Spirit.

This is one truth about ourselves.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Miami, 06-03-1990


World seen with the Eye of the Heart

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Banff National Park

World seen with the Eye of the Heart

When the eye of the heart

Looks at everything

It sees the Absolute Truth as it is

It sees the loving beauty

Of God’s Creation

Wind vibrantly talks to him

Sun’s light of love opens his heart

Moon soothes and uplifts his entity

Songs of the birds

Fragrance of the flowers

Touch of The Earth

Whispering of the water

Bathing in the ether

Twinkling of the stars.

Pulsating of Chaitanya…

Bring to him inexplicable joy

Divine Amruth nourishes his soul

And soaks him in a blissful loving silence

Veni Grig

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