Ascending in Shri Krishna’s Play

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Krishna and Radha

Shri Krishna’s Play 

We learn and ascend in your beautiful play

You show us what and where we are supposed to be

Holding the flute-string between the heart and the brain

You try to bring us diplomatically in the centre

Where the path of Divine Love goes through

And sets up our heart-brain concord

Gently converting us into harmonious souls

Keeping us in the centre, You let the Spirit emit out of us

And we discover our True Self, shining as Joy and Love

Offering the middle path in the present, You absorb our ego and superego

Showing the elevator to Sahasrara

Through the narrow Agnya gate

With doors of pure divine love and unconditional forgiveness

In Sahasrara You meet us as Virat

Welcoming our freed Spirit in the Virat-Collective

Where Shri Adi Shakti grants complete integration

Uniting us with the Ocean of Divine Oneness

You let All-Pervading Chaitanya

Flow freely through us, and nourish our thirsty souls

With Divine Ambrosia

You make us there part and parcel of the Whole

You let us witness the Divine Leela Play

You change us into sweet communicators of pure divine love

And transform us into divine flutes

Playing the melody of God

 Veni Grig



Deep spiritual meaning behind the beautiful Rakhi tradition

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We have an image of a perfect woman or man

Deeply folded in the sari of our heart

The other union-part of our Spirit

We are continuously looking for

Throughout the infinite, in the space

Our Spirit was created as unity

As male and female spiritual entity

We have been evolving in the ages

Playing so many social roles

Within the Divine Leela Play

Seeking for perfection, and completeness

In the name of the Spirit

Which is our only Real Self

A beautiful Rakhi tradition

Was established to awaken in us

Consciousness of perfection, and wholeness of our Spirit

Mirroring the divine eternal Oneness

Offering a capacity to ascend in totality

To dissolve in the Divine Ocean

Ocean of Pure Divine Love, of Joy, of Serenity

Veni Grig

Thank You Dear Divine Mother

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Thank You Dear Divine Mother

Thank You Dear Divine Mother for evolving us

Thank You for giving us pure divine knowledge, love, and wisdom

Thank You for raising us above the gross

Above illusions of Maya, above the ego, and the superego

Thank You for purifying and balancing us

Thank You for opening our hearts

Thank You for making us satisfied in the name of The Spirit

Thank You for converting us into sweet communicators of pure divine love

Thank You for joining our attention with the Spirit

And letting it focus on Sahasrara, on Divine, on Spirit, on Vibrations

Thank You for elevating us into nice personalities – compassionate, forgiving

And caring of others, of the whole World

Thank you for making us love the whole world, and the entire Creation

Thank You for granting us the peace of infinite

Thank You for letting us witness the drama of life

And the Divine Leela Play

Thank You for integrating us in Sahasrara

Thank You for permitting us experience joy

Thank You for drenching us in your Nirananda

Thank You for making us one with the Divine Oneness

And filling us up with your body, The Ocean of Divine Love

Thank You for continuously ascending us, Dear Divine Mother

Thank You for lifting us up to become The Spirit, and The Spirit to act through us

Thank You for transforming us into your children of a new human race

Veni Grig

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