1st ‘Culture of Spirit’ Festival

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“It’s been found that pure, absolute Spirit is in essence joy and love, that brings a rewarding sense of clarity to ones perception. This phenomena was felt by the hundreds of visitors and participants at this event, brought on by the subtle beauty and light of the performances and exhibitions, and intensified by the simultaneous collective experience.

A science presentation revealed that cells communicate with one another, and that this process may happen through the medium of light. If we are all ascending into a new, more transparent and joyful state of awareness, this may indicate that we are to be increasingly empowered to communicate by means of the light in and around us.”

More:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Uz9hG2qIJU

More:  http://edword.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/festival-of-light-on-the-ganges-of-europe/

Mysterious Crop Circles arts

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Crop Circles

The mystery of how crop circles are created has never been solved.

Many people believe the patterns are a message from extra-terrestrial lifeforms.

Another theory is that colossal energy is amassed above the earth in the ionosphere and then zapped towards the ground where it creates the crop circle usually on chalky ground in areas traditionally known for their ‘energy lines’ and mystical past.

In the past the formations have not been limited to just circles.

Shapes include a bee, a rectangle and even a three-dimensional formation.

More:  http://www.ydig.us/crop-circles-the-first-of-this-years-has-been-spotted/

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