Resurrection of Spirit within is the Message of Christ

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“The light of Love is so sweet, so beautiful, so enamoring, so abounding.
You can feel that Light within you which is of pure love,
pure relationship and pure understanding.”
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“When the day will come when human beings will be understanding
the beauty of love, then from the heavens
there will be flowers falling on us.

It is my vision.

It’s the future for you, to see

how peacefully you can talk to people,

how sweetly you can love others,

how much you can give to others.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Resurrection of Spirit within is the Message of Christ

You incarnated as a carpenter’s son

Showing priority of Spirit before the matter

You got resurrected

Hence The Spiirit does’nt die

You are Shri Ganesha

You are nothing but vibrations

You are the Light of Love

You are the Compassion

You are the Forigiveness

You are the Peace

You are Brahma Tattwa

You can be known by the heart

You are completely integrated force

You are the Gate to the Union with The Divine Spirit

You are the support of the Whole Universe

You are Suriya

You are in the center

You are Dharma-Centre

You are beyond

You are Dharmatit

You are Gunatit

You are Kalatit

You are Mahatahankara

You are Mahatmanasa

You are the Eternal Purity

You are All what The Spirit is

Veni Grig



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