Relation between Atma and Unconscious

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“You have seen the way nature works we never see a flower opening on, we never see the fruit coming out of the flower. It is so gentle and so slow, that the movement is not seen by these human eyes. Because the nature wants you should not be disturbed by the movements. The nature cares, so you people do not feel the growth the movement and the explosions of the evolution or we can say the movement of the nature’s own behaviour.

In the same way, a saint, a Sahaja Yogi, has to move very smoothly in the society of Sahaja Yogis. It is with the Sahaja Yogis I said, not with the Non Sahaja Yogis. Nature reacts to anything that is foreign. It throws out anything that is not “sahaj” (natural). In the same way a saint should not accept anything, anybody who is foreign to “sahaj” behaviour.

When it deals with the matter, with the materialistic people then it acts with the greatest wisdom, as the tip of the root : It moves with the majesty imbeds itself into the Mother earth going round all hard rocks, and holding them together, it makes the tree to stand up in it.
The sign of life is that it goes against the matter, the one that is “jadaa”. Like the tree goes against the gravity, like the great human beings have lifted their body against the gravity in a straight posture. In the same way if you see the flame goes against the gravity. Nobody has heard that of fire goes from top floor to ground floor. It starts from the ground floor and it goes upward. But the fire also, comes from the matter, which is burning. So the matter has to be burned if you want to rise.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Diwali 1985

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