In Harmony with the heart of the Universe

October 6, 2011 at 11:20 am | Posted in Poetry | 1 Comment
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In Harmony with the heart of the Universe


Mother, please, enlighten darkness within us with your Pure Love,

Mother, please, enlighten darkness in the whole world with your Loving Compassion

Make us, please, embodiment of your Blissful Love

Transform us into epitome of your affectionate and merciful Chaitanya

Convert us into quintessence of  Virat Almighty

Unite our spirit-attention with your Divine Lotus Feet

Let your Light of Love shine and penetrate through us into entire Creation

Let your fragrant Love aromatize each cell of matter through us

And make it lovingly pulsate

In harmony with the Heart of The Universe

Veni Grig

Circle of Beautiful Conversion


Joy-bringing love of giving love

Becoming part of loving circle

Circle of beautiful conversion

Into beauty after beauty

Pulsating with loving rhythm

Transmitting continuously pure love

Just ALL-loving







Veni Grig


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  1. Замечательно…

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