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“Once you get into Virat, then all your ideas of separating or differentiating goes away. You do not have any more ideas of races left, of nationality, of your city, of your village or anything. At that stage, you don’t belong to any place.
You belong to every place and you don’t belong to any place. Such a situation comes in. When you don’t hanker after any particular food, you don’t like any particular type of people, you can adjust yourself into any circumstance, into any families, into any kind of people. You can live with drunkards. I mean, I have lived with drunkards. Lived means I have shaken hands at least with so many of them.
You can be with any kind of person. Nothing bothers you because you are in the Virata state because everything is absorbed by the Virat and you do not feel anything. Whatever sort a person may be, you do not feel it. The Virata has to suffer, not you and that is what is the best state where I want all of you to reach and to become absolutely free.
Nothing can impress you,
nothing can influence you,
nothing can dissuade you,
but you stand on your self-esteem and understanding about yourself that you are a Sahaja Yogi and that you are connected with this Power and you are a citizen of Kingdom of God.”

Shri Mataji, August 16, 1992

“Now the other things that we have to understand Shri Krishna at this stage of Sahaja Yoga, that it is the Virata Shakti that is manifesting at this time and not the Shri Krishna Shakti which was at His time. And the power that is working here is no more that of Radha or of Mary, but the Viratangana…  If you can deepen you knowledge, this wider knowledge will have proper roots with in you. So the brains are the roots, here are the roots of the whole tree of life. Actually Kundalini comes up and waters the brain first, so that the whole tree of life is drenched in the Divine Bliss and Divine knowledge.
So this Virata Shakti that we have to work out, gives us the sense of collective consciousness first. First we understand it through our brain power. But the whole brain power is to be guided by the Heart, is to be watered, but in Sanskrit is a very beautiful word “Sinchan” like dewdrops, spray, with the love of God.
So the integration of this brain has to take with Heart and with your liver. Then only the Virata Shakti takes another form. The weapons of killing become the weapons of forgiveness. Every sort of destructive power is used for the construction…  So you are the fruits. That Viratangana Shakti, you are the fruits. Because you are so valuable that those people who wanted to ruin or to destroy the Divine power from this Earth will start thinking that they have to gain something out of these fruits. So today the Virata Shakti has given you a great value, because the people see that by having one Sahaja-Yogi with them it is precious. Say one ordinary man gets his Realization, then he develops his value. In that his own values he can be respected, loved and he can be given the highest if he’s a proper Sahaja-yogi…   Those Sahaja- Yogis who boast about themselves are like the fruit which are getting ruined only on the tree. The only fruits that bend down are accepted as good and matured fruits, and not those who assert that they are the highest. But some of the negative people should not by any chance take advantage of this and say that they are good because they are bending down. It’s not the logic. Some of them pose they are humble; even a rotten fruits bend down. But the mature fruit shows its humility by its weight. That is the guru tatwa weight.
So from the Viratangana power you get the power of maturity up to the fruit and then we become blessed by Guru Principle. Those who are still involved in getting to better sunshine or getting to better water supply or all these things, are not yet matured, because the fruit doesn’t need anything anymore. It doesn’t need anything from the Mother Earth, nor from the elements. But it surrenders, bends, it bows to the Mother Earth…”

Shri Mataji, August 28, 1983



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