Guru – Pure Divine Love

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The All Pevading Divine Power… is Absolute Love… that knows, understands, co-ordinates, and works out everything… which runs the whole Universe…  

The Paramchaitanya Itself is your Guru… The Nirakar…

If sometimes you are in trouble… then know that you are not leaving things into the hands of Paramchaitanya…

…if you leave things into the hands of Paramchaitanya,

then they will work out very well

It’s interesting… how everything in this world moves according to the

desire of Paramchaitanya…  it’s very suprising…”

Shir Mataji Nirmala Devi

Now, to become a Guru, what do we have to do after our realization? Guru word means gravity.

Gravity means a person who is grave, who is deep, who is magnetic.

Now, as you have learnt in Sahaja Yoga, that realization takes place in complete effortlessness. So normally a Guru tries to make his disciples effortless, which is called as Prayatna Shaithilya – means “relax your efforts.” Without doing anything you got your Prayatna Shaytilya, otherwise Kundalini would not have risen.

Then the second stage is Vichara Shaithilya – the thoughtless awareness. This also you got it without doing anything.

And the third is complete negation of thought – Abhava – and the bliss of peace.

So one has to understand that you have to pass them, through three stages.

First, when you get your realization all these things come spontaneously, for that moment.

When you raise the Kundalini of others, these things happen to them spontaneously. You too have that power now to raise the Kundalini of people and to establish it in them.

But we must understand why it has to be done that way (spontaneously), why we have to have Vichara Shaithilya (thoughtless awareness).

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Guru Puja 1984

Sahaj A-Z: Guru Puja with Shri Mataji



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