Truth-Spirit is to be achieved in awareness in this life

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“Attention completely enlightened by your Spirit… and nothing can keep you down, nothing can dominate you, and you don’t dominate anything…That is the state of the Spirit…When that happens you become beyond Dharma, sustenance…there is no temptation, there is no mental activity either…such person is extremely honest and fearless lke Christ…they are Compassion… when it comes to protesting, they stand up fearlessly against those who try to torture and ruin others… it has to work out…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“… our Evolution has come through a living process, and through a living energy of God… The spontaneity of life has to work it within you, that kind of awareness that makes you higher than what you are… At this stage of human beings… keep your minds open to see what is the Truth about yourSelf… You have to know yourself, you have to have your Self Realization… something has to happen in your awareness… expansion has to come… by something happening in yourself… The Truth has to come to youYou are to be transformedOne with The Truth… “                                                                            Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“ The Spirit is the Freedom, is the free being within us.  It is detached… It is eternal, anand… That Spirit is Joy, that Spirit is the source of Joy, that emits Joy… Joy is a seer, a witness… When you become the Spirit, you become the witness… your attention becomes enlightened by the Sprit… Spirit is the Present…everything becomes different, the whole life becomes a drama, and the Joy out of it starts coming out, and you really enjoy small, small things here and there, and you really understand how much Joy was lost before Realization… This is not mental thing that gives you Joy, but the Joy falls on you from your head… and cool thing starts pouring down… flow of Joy you feel in your whole body pours out… fountain pouring down that Joy…  you get the complete Joy within yourself because there is no thought, there is no barrier, no conditioning.  The Whole Thing becomes One with you, and you start feeling extremely happy, extremely joyous. A feeling which is indescribable is just to be enjoyed, to be felt… into nectar of intoxication of The Spirit… The narrow vision has closed your eyes to so many things, even Christ you can not understand… Spirit has got three qualities Sat Chit Ananda… Truth… Attention… Joy…

The fifth (dimension) is the Truth, which is The Spirit… Absolute knowledge can not be argued… it is what it is!… the rest is false…“

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“With rationality, with explanations how far can we go?… We have to now prove the existence of God, we have to prove the existence of this All-Pervading-Power, we have to prove the existence of that Spirit within… It is to be actualized, so arguments will stop. With arguments one cannot achieve it, with blind faith one cannot achieve it. Rationality cannot take it thereIt’s actualization… that really makes you that… Reality that is actually expressing within your central nervous system… That is the one is going to convince…  If you are not convinced, the Divine is not interested… It’s in your freedom…that you have to ascend because you are the epitome of this Creation.  Nobody can force you… If you want to go to Hell…you can go down… If you want to go to Heaven, is also possible… Sahaja Yoga has come to you as a blessing of the Divine because Divine Itself is anxious to manifest it…  People… are on different levels… some are mediocre, some are absolutely base… those who are of a very high quality… is all forgiven completely… not to feel guilty at all… you have to get it… Don’t’ judge yourself, it’s my judgment…  We cannot organize God… In Sahaja Yoga not everybody is exposed to the complete thing… when they grow up, they receive higher Truth because sometimes they can be shocked, it is not easy to bear The Truth, sometimes is very difficult…The Spirit cannot be destroyed by anything… “

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


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