Last Evolutionary Break Through of Humanity above Human Awareness

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What is Absolute Truth?

Teachings of Sahaja Yoga

Shri Mataji gives SELF-REALIZATION

Powers of a realized soul

“All Pervading Power of Divine Love is around us, and it works out everything for us. This power knows everything about us.  Also It looks after us, It guides us, It thinks, It organizes, but above all this Power Loves you.   It is Love, and Compassion.  People have never known that they are loved by this All Pervading Power.  And when you start doing something against yourself, which is not love for yourself, then She punishes you in a way to guide you to the proper side… this Power is surrounding us all through…  

Now you have to become a personality which is absolutely spiritual, which is super human being you can call it…

When Kundalini rises She gives you such a lot of powers… these benefits manifest within us…  we become a very special personality…

The best part of it when you are connected to this All Pervading Power (by Kundalini), you know Pure Knowledge.  Einstein has said about it. Einstain has said that if you go beyond the mind (above Agnya chakra), there is an area called Torsion Area, and if you can somehow touch that area, then you get Absolute Knowledge…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



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