Loving Breeze

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People should see bliss working in us [the Sahaja yogis]. People should feel there is bliss.

“If a person is blissful, he looks blissful. He emits bliss. He radiates it.
Bliss can only come through gratitude. Only through enlarging your heart with gratitude. Bliss is the reward of gratitude. …
Bliss comes to you through your confidence

If you have no confidence in yourSelf, bliss cannot be.” 
Shri Mataji, Bordi, India, 07 02 1985


I don’t want anything from you, except that you accept My Love.

Surrendering just means you open your heart to accept My Love.

Give up this ego – that’s all – and it will work out. I’m sure

it’s going to work out.”
Shri Mataji, Shri Mahakali Puja, 1982


 “The day will come when human beings will be understanding the beauty of love.

Then from the heavens there will be flowers falling on us.

It will be such a tremendous day …

It is My vision.  It’s the future for you…

I know you all love Me very much, but you should also love each other,

should have a loving heart and have satisfaction in loving others.

If you could develop that, your height will grow, your

depth in Sahaja Yoga will grow …  just deep into that love, drenched into that love,

enjoying that love.”
Shri Mataji, 2001

  With Trust Open the Heart to Love’s Sophistication & Fragrance from Flowers & Weeds


 Loving Breeze

 When becoming embodiment of Loving Breeze

Nectar-Truth of The Divine flows within and throughout

Bringing satisfaction in the name of Pure Spirit

Blissful shower of Loving Chaitanya

Freely streams through the united subtle entity

And emits Itself as Light of Love

Mirroring the endless Love of Heavenly Eternal Parents

Veni Grig


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