Virata Enlightenment

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Virat is the brain of the being which can call as God Almighty, so the the whole central nervous system is worked through by Shri Krishna as Vishnu then all this incarnations, then Shri Krishna and ultimately as Virata, this is the development of our brain and when we are worshipping Virat we have to know that within us also we have got brain, manifestation of this power of Virat, that manifestation that we have we can call it as Virat if Shri Krishna is Mahavirat, you all know about Virat much more than I can tell you today because is the whole, is the totality and the totality of everything if that is Virat then that is in your brain but reality is in your heart, so the totality you may see, you may witness, the reality is the subtlety behind it, so the brain which is not ruled by the heart, which is not nourished by the heart is a very dangerous thing because it creates a diversion and such a person who is without any heart tries to do things, becomes very worthless and can be very dangerous, it could with other way also within us, that if you allow our heart to rule us only live with our emotions and not to use our rationality then we can become really dangerous people to ourselves in the sense we become lethargic, we become indulgent into wrong sort of things…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 11 06 1989



Virata Joy:






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