All Mighty Transforming Love

October 27, 2010 at 7:00 pm | Posted in Poetry | 1 Comment
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All Mighty Transforming Love

Light of Love enlightens everything

Love warms all existing

All-Pervading Power of Love transforms into Love

Love begets Love

Love brings wholeness to evolving matter

Love unites incomplete entities

Love illuminates darkness

Love heats up cold

Totality of Love creates unison

Accord of Love reveals Divine Reality

Love establishes concord within

Permeating Love bonds to Itself

Through Love imperfect becomes perfect

Through Love incomplete turns into complete

Through Love separated converts into united

Through Love negative becomes Loving

Love is The Almighty Transformer into Harmonious Loving World

Veni Grig


Enjoy a New World everyone

Enjoy a World of lovely Oneness

World of Joy and Bliss

World of Serene Peace

World of Compassion

World of hearty Care

Drench in its inexplicable beauty

In the Lotus of Light

In the Garden of Unity

In the Ganga of Purity

Where we are all One

Veni Grig


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  1. Тази любов…..
    Нека не ни остави, да изстинем
    Накрая на гората
    На гората на паметта.
    Изникни внезапно!
    Подай ни ръка!
    И ни спаси!!!!

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