The highest thing is to love everyone equally

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You seek the comfort of your Spirit

because that gives you Joy,

ultimately that’s what you get out of everything.

You think you get joy by acquisition. You do not.

But through Kundalini awakening you get that Joy.

In that Joy you don’t want anything.

You don’t ask for anything.

You just enjoy your Self.

You are the property of enjoyment.

The Spirit is satisfied by its own Spirit.

Into small things you must see joy.

And you must watch it, the Whole Universe, with that thing…

This is the acquisition instinct… that you… aggress other people…

As a result the Love is lost… Compassion is lost… No Love…

And with that you develop the sense of “my”…

All belongs to God

With “my”… the heart shrinks…

For a large hearted man the whole world is the Universe,

the whole thing  is within, the whole thing is yours. 

When such a heart you experience with yourself ,

then Kundalini just shoots off because you know that

the Sahasrara is the Heart chakra

No question of Sahasara catching if you have a large heart.

And to keep the Sahasrara open, is just develop that sense, that wisdom

that knowbody is “my”.

Everybody belongs to God.

Who is “my”?  Whatever God wants, let Him do.

Get out of this wrong feeling…  This “my” has to drop,

which is a very subtle thing, and that’s why Sahasrara catches.

Everyone is yours because

the Kundalini of Sahaja Yogis is made of love, pure love.

The Pure Love has only pure desire – is to love.

Love everyone equally

Enlarge you heart…

The Heart is the Sahasrara… the Brahmarandra…

Then we have to come to heart…

Through your heart if you work it out,

you will understand that:

nothing is more important than to love someone!

And the highest thing is to love everyone equally.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 06 21, 1992

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