All-Pervading Power of God’s Love

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Paramcnaitanya, the All-Pervading Power of God’s Love…

Paramchaitanya does everything… Everything is worked out by the Grace of  Paramchaitanya, which is the power of the Adi Shakti… It is not so much in our heart,

so much in our attention.  We can consider Paramchaitanya like an Ocean, like Ocean which contains everything Itself. Everything – all the working, everything is within its own limits.  So It can not be compared with anything…  We are all enveloped in It…

Folds of sari of Paramchaitanya… are continuous.  So the connection is absolutely complete… Paramchaitanya is working within itself, and there is nothing without…

If you are Sahaja Yogi, it becomes absolutely One with you… Whatever you desire, whatever you want, also will be coming from the same Paramchaitanya , if you are One with It… This formless energy… It is the Love of God, and Love of your Mother.

To be One with this Paramchaitanya, you have to know that you have to become the Reality

Reality is ParamchaitanyaReality is Love…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 19 07 1989


Sri Guru Ashtakam

Perfect Flute to play the Tune of Love

Pure Love is Divine Dharma

Divine is Love and Divine Creation is an expression, a mirror of Divine Almighty Love


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  1. Djei Shri Mataji!

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