Love will cleanse everything

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“…your heart and your mind must have respect. In any way, when you meditate, you should do it with Love, that’s all. Love will cleanse everything…Love means without any malice, without any anger. Something that is desired. It’s such an abstract thing that you cannot put it in words, but it’s a feeling within you.”

“The thoughts that starts moving in our mind all the time which creates tension is not the thought of the Spirit. So what you should say is ‘Not this thought, not this thought, not this thought’-and see how you relax. Now you are relaxed. ‘Not this thought, not this thought’…just go on refusing accepting any thought. So you go into Thoughtless. In that state you feel the Spirit.”

“If  you have to grow, you should be absolutely in connection with the Divine through thoughtless awareness.  You don’t have to pray, you don’t have to call anyone, nothing, it just works because it is within you. “ 

Your depth is in thoughtless awareness. Is a very important point which you should reach. Looking at anything, if you are thoughtlessly aware, then you really become reflective about it… Your connection with the Divine is only possible when you meditate and become thoughtlessly aware. That’s the point where Divine works, it helps you.  Is very important to become thoughtlessly aware, because then there are no thoughts coming from the left or right, from the past or the future. Just in the present you are there. “

“So when you are thoughtless awareness, means when your brain is just in the state of witness you understand everything that is Divine. Unless and until you are thoughtlessly aware, you cannot grow, that is first thing. And secondly unless and until you are thoughtlessly aware you do not know the absolute truth. Through your brain only you will know – you don’t have to put your hands, you don’t have to ask questions, but its like a computer that works, just gives you an answer. In that state you are completely one with the Divine. And it just gives you an answer and you do that and you are amazed how it has worked out. Everything, every moment is computerised with Shri Krishna (divine aspect dwelling in our Vishuddhi -throat chakra). But at the same time he tests you, he plays his Leela (divine play) on you, that one must know. Because he’s a diplomat.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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