Arti to The Holy Spirit

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“You cannot force it. Its a light within you, a flicker. And the analogy could be, like the gas that rises and touches the flicker and the whole gas gets enlightened. The flicker is awake all the time and watching. Then the whole thing becomes the truth. Truth is very different from what we know as truth. Is new dimension, by which we know, this is the truth and this is not the truth. You can ask any questions when you are connected with your Spirit. Ask any question. Ask the question about me. Can ask question about Christ, about Moses, about God. Ask any question. And when the answer is yes, youll get cool breeze coming into your hands. If you ask any negative questions, youll lose your vibrations. Might get tingling, might get heat. Because now your computer is connected with the Absolute and the rapport has been established of the truth. This is a new awareness you get by which you become aware of truth which is the vibratory awareness. Through vibrations a child also can know. There are many children who are born realized. And they know where is the kundalini. They know. They will tell you where is the kundalini. Its the truth. Because they know the truth. For that you dont need too much of mental development. They are very dignified. They understand it better than many elderly people and people who are placed very highly in life.

Christ has already said that rich men are not going to enter into the Kingdom of God. He has already said because they are running. But I would say even those who think they know a lot, all knowing, they will not enter. Because they do not want to enter. They know everything. They do not want to enter inside. They want to carry their mind everywhere. They want to carry their car inside the hall. How will they enter inside? They are not willing to keep their mind outside because they have always depended on that mind which has given them nothing. But to achieve Spirit you have to come there ego-lessly, to receive the light of your being. Is going to enlighten the whole thing. Your temple. And when this light comes in, when this light shines in you, then you can feel your collective consciousness, you can feel it, the cool breeze of the Spirit manifesting, is described in the Bible in very short but deep”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



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  1. Jai Shri Mataji!

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