Become a universal personality

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“The power of Virata is that it can penetrate into the subtle side of human beings in such a manner that… everyone… we are connected to. We are not separate and every drop is connected with the ocean. We are connected with the whole universe, and when you become a citizen of Virat, then all the things with which you are connected also get your vibrations, your ideas, your ambitions; everything passes through that and it works; it works.

You have seen how many miracles have taken place in your lives. It is the Virata Shakti that works. Now for that, we have to know how to do worship of Virat. First of all, you have to rise above your ego, very important. Otherwise, how can you worship? There is your ego standing in between and how can you rise up to the point of Virat? You have to pass through that.

Once you rise above your ego, you enter into the kingdom of Virat. There the King is Virata and you are the subjects who are looked after completely by Virata Shakti, by the power of Virat. But at that stage you really become a universal personality, in a way, because whatever are problems universally now, not necessarily that they should be attached to you or connected to you, [but] supposing a person is at that level….There may be a war in some other country; it can stop. Somebody who is being oppressed can be helped.  Anywhere your compassion moves, it can work out. Anywhere your attention goes, it can work.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Cabella Ligure, 1999


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