The time has come to become the Spirit

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The time has come… to become the Spirit… it’s a happening…

a living process…within ourselves…

…you get the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of our head…

Holy Ghost is the Desire of God

the desire is  that all should become the Spirit

Light of the Spirit comes into our attention 

At human level we are not in the absolute state… that’s why there is a chaos…

When you become the Spirit, the Light of the Spirit guides you,

you become your own master, you become your own guru…

This piercing of the fontanel bone by the Kundalini gives you the power of the Spirit…

The Spirit actually resides in the heart,

but the main seat of the heart is here, in the fontanel bone area…

It is all around, also that All pervading power is there, which makes everything vibrate

But this energy can be felt only when you have got that Reaization…

It’s a living process of a living God…

You can not purchase God…contact with All pervading power.

And once this power starts flowing through you,

you don’t have to worry… all your  troubles are overonce you are the Spirit…”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


The Eternal Family

These are my brothers and my mother and my sisters who do the will of my Father.”

Jesus Christ

If they are honest they’ll accept it. If they are dishonest forget them.

 This so called family is temporary.

This is the eternal family you have.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 05 06, 1984


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