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„As you know, Shri Shiva is the reflection of Sadashiva within us… Sadashiva is The God Almighty, the One who sees the Play of Adi Shakti.  But He is a Father who is watching each one of His Creation, Mother’s Creation.

His support to Adi Shakti is entirely, fully strengthening… But when He finds that in the Play of Adi Shakti the people … try to disturb Her, or spoil Her Work, then He gets into His wrathful mood, and He destroys all such people, and may be He destroys the whole world.  On one side is wrathful, no doubt, on the other side He is the Ocean of Compassion and Joy.  That’s why when He is reflected within us we get our Self-Realization, we get the Light of our Spirit, and we get into the Ocean of Joy.

Also He is an Ocean of Knowledge.  So, those who get Self-Realized get the knowledge of The Divine, which is very subtle, permeating into every atom and molecule, the power of this knowledge is there.

Now we should know what is this Realization we have got, what that mean, and what is the culminating point.   

First of all I have to tell you the mind about which we speak and depend upon is a myth.

There is nothing like mind.  Brain is reality, not the mind.  Mind is created by us, reacting to outside. Either we react to conditionings, or to our ego.  Thus this mind is created like bubbles on the Ocean of Reality, but that’s not the Reality.  With this mind whatever you decide we know is very limited, illusive, and sometimes shocking.

The mind always moves in a linear direction, and because there is no Reality in it, it recoils, and bumerangs.  Thus all the enterprises, all the projections, so far we have done, it seems come back to us.  Whatever they discover comes back to us as a big destructive power, are a very big shock.  So one has to decide what to do, how to be out of this trap of our mind.  Kundalini is the solution.  When She is awakened, She takes you with that awakening, She takes you beyond your mind.  The first thing is to go beyond your mind.  With mind you will do many things, but it will not be satisfying, it will be not a solution, it will not help. And when we start depending too much on our mind, we develop all kinds of physical and mental, emotional problem.  Now the mind we will still try to say something, don’t listen, just watch. 

The effect of Sahaja Yoga you  should watch on yourself, on your body, don’t think about it, but watch it, and you will be amazed how you are changed. 

Now this main question today which I am going to tell you about what is God’s-Realization.  First is the Self-Realization, and then there are many ambitious people who want to become God’s Realized. 

First and foremost thing we should know that human beings can not become God.

It’s not the becoming of It.  You have not become also in a way Spirit because the Spirit is emitting through you, using you, giving you, looking after you.  If you become the Spirit there won’t be any body left, nothing will be left.  So with this body intact your Spirit is acting through this body, is giving you all the Light.  But one can not become God Almighty.  This one has to understand very clearly.  But what is God’s-Realization.  Is to know about God.  See, to know about God means to know how His powers are working, how He controls,  by becoming part and parcel of God Almighty. 

Like my finger doesn’t know about my brain, but it acts according to my brain.  The finger can not become the brain, but it has to act absolutely according to my brain because it is so connected, it is so One.    

Here, when you have the God’s-Realization, then you will know about the brain, you will know about God, you’ll know about His powers, you’ll know everything about Him.  This is what’s God’s-Realization.  That’s what is to know Shiva and Sadashiva.  Through the Shiva you know Sadashiva.  See the reflection, and from the reflection you know who is the original, from the reflection you learn.  Thus you reach that state where you think you are now differently settle in the Kingdom of God, and that you can see God, you can feel God, you can understand God, and you can love God.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shivaratri Puja, 03 03 1996





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