SY meditation is evolutionary process of acquiring Spiritual Awareness

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pink lotus

SY meditation is not a mental meditation, not a rational imagination , but a real evolutionary happening.

All levels in SY meditation are alive process of acquiring certain types of awareness, such as:

  • Vibrational awareness
  • Thoughtless awareness
  • Doubtless awareness
  • Detatched witness awareness
  • Collective awarenes
  • Integration awarenes
  • Spiritual Attention awareness
  • Unconditional love awareness
  • Sweet spiritual communication awareness
  • Complete becoming of the Spirit awareness

Each awareness, expressing Absolute Truth, manifests on one’s nervous ystem,

and one realizes it with his soul and spirit, not with his rational thinking.

This process, however, starts with Self-Realization, with awakening of the dormant vital spiritual energies of Kundalini and Spirit within us. After their awakening and growing in the process of acquiring of all levels of spiritual awareness, one can reach the stage of completeness, called as Moksha or Nirvana.

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