We are in the whirlwind

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You must have full idea as to what you are…  But the highest above everything is the hope of your Mother that you are going to emancipate the whole world.  Give attention to that. Think about it; that you are going to do it.  You have to be the walking, talking, moving forests of that Divine Love, that Ritambhara Pragnya.

We are in the whirlwind. It’s not only a cool breeze.  It’s a whirlwind now. So what do we have to do?  We have to move with it, we have to have the same speed. We have to be one of that.  So it is within us that we see this and without, we’ll see that, that we are moving with the speed, the rest of the world is not, is now how to go around it and how to engulf it into ourselves.  All these things are not made for you because you are realized souls.  It might be made for people who are not realized….  This sense of responsibility has to come to you that “We are in the whirlwind” and to take this whirlwind all around the world…  What have you done for Sahaja Yoga is very important, and that has to be seen.  How many people you have really loved.  Really loved.  Sincerely, we have to count.  That’s very important.  Then what have we done for Sahaja Yoga constructively… you must go all out to give Realization to people.  Nothing is going to benefit people more than Self Realization… Don’t keep your Realization to yourself.  As many people as you can give Realization to, the greatest obligation will be on Me and on God Almighty.  Only thing is you should try to give Realization to others…  So this is your job… I want to tell you that you have to “strengthen” my hands…

That if this compassion is within you, then it will compel you also to do work that will bring solace to people who are not even seeking.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Note:  Isn’t it interesting that Shri Ganesha’s head has a whirlwind shape?

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