Completeness and Wholesomeness

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Rakhi brother-sister relation given by God, leads to spiritual completeness and wholesomeness. There is a respected Rakhi brother-sister tradition in India, revealing the importance of this relation. What stands behind it from spiritual perspective is very interesting, and breathtaking.  Our complete yoga (union) with The Divine takes place through it.  It is something one has to be aware of, and to highly value on the path of  spiritual evolution.  Through this relation one realizes the Absolute Truth as it is in the realm of Reality and Spirit. It has nothing to do with any earthly, mental ego driven imaginations about union with The Divine and about love.  It is based on pure divine love and it is an unconditional manifestation of pure love. One’s spiritual ascent and human evolution depend on this relation, and on deeply manifesting pure divine love. Surrendering to The Divine, means letting divine love manifest through usIf one wants the world to be changed to a better one, and the destruction of human ego to be overcome, one has to accept the divine law, and to acquire a beautiful high spiritual awareness.  Rakhi brother-sister noble relation should be respected and appreciated sincerely by spiritual seekers.

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