Evolved souls are your relations

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In Sahaja Yoga, it is not how much you are old,

but it is how much you are evolved.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


“In Shri Krishna’s own words one can say, that once you are a realized soul and you have reached that highest position in your awareness, to you everything is futile. But just now, what you have to do is to save the dharma. Not the dharma that people talk about, but the dharma means evolutionary process of human beings which is going on, and if all the good people, those who stand for righteousness are finished, then how will this evolutionary power will be saved? So you have to save them, and for that if you have to kill, you don’t kill anybody they are already dead, because they are not evolved souls and they don’t care for their realization.

So you have to fight them. You have to fight the negative forces. You have to fight the wrongdoers. All this He explains in a very beautiful manner; that we have within us three kinds of powers, which we also know, and by middle one that we have we rise above all these material, physical, mental, emotional, all these problems facing us, into a new realm of spirituality. And that’s what He wanted to save from the cruel people, from the aggressive, whose were also misleading others. It’s a very good understanding, if you have, that who is your relation? Who is your brother? Who is your sister? Those who are evolved souls are your relations. They are your own, and for them if you have to fight the people who are aggressive you better do it. You have to do it. That is the way of dharma”.

Shri Krishna Puja, Canajoharie, 07 29 2001‏


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