Knowledge, Attention, Joy

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open pink lotus

Sat-Chit-Ananda swarupa

“If the spirit has to evolve, we have to be extremely witnessing in a full way, very alert, extremely alert and witnessing ourselves, what we are doing. Then only will we reach the completion of our Realisation. Unless and until you reach the completion of your Realisation, you can never be masters of your attention and you can never be the enjoyer of your joy and you can never know the truth fully.

To achieve this Sat-Chit-Ananda swarupa (state of pure divine knowledge-pure divine attention-bliss awareness), you have to be extremely careful about the instrument that God has given you – this body, mind and emotions. You have to keep them in check because, wherever your habits are, they can never be joy-giving. It’s a joyless pursuit. And wherever your ego is, it’s a destructive effort…

So as you are, in whatever conditions you are, in whatever situations you are, whatever may be the surroundings, like a dirty mire full of creatures and filth, you can become like lotuses. When you become like lotuses, all that is filth, all that is horrible can become fragrant. And this what we have to achieve.

When people will see the lotuses, they’ll come to you, not to see the worms and to see the filth, but to see the lotuses. So please, this time, correct yourself. You don’t need anybody to correct you. You just correct yourself, watch out for yourself and see for yourself. If something doesn’t work out, just give up. Don’t go to extremes for anything. You must learn to give up at a point and be happy about it.

If you are contained within yourself, if your hand is attached to your body, then you reach up to a point and then leave it. But if it is not attached, if it is disintegrated, then it goes all round and round and round and comes back without anything. That understanding has to be there in you people because you’re standing in the central path and you’re attached to the central path not only, but you are identified with it. So you cannot go too far to the left, cannot go too far to the right. If you do that, you get lost.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1987


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