Our individual Spirit and our individual Kundalini – to become One with The Divine

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“When our form of life was created the human being got within dormant individual Spirit & dormant individual Kundalini.
The meaning of human life is to re-unite with God on energy level through awakening of Kundalini, who helps the Spirit to get re-connected with God.
Right now all human beings who are not Self-Realized (whose Kundalini is not awakened), are like batteries.  They have some energy inside of themselves, which helps them function on everyday basis.
When they get their Self-Realization, however, they become connected strait to the source of All Pervading Power (God),
and they become One with God.  That’s why they acquire the opportunity to use a limitless amount of energy. 
Further more, they do have an access to the Divine knowledge, and they obtain endless capabilities.
Once our individual Spirit and our individual Kundalini become One with The Divine, we enter the Collective Conscious which is in fact God’s dimension! 
Since 1970 the Universe entered such an evolutionary stage when this re-union has to happen.
That’s why SYoga ancient Divine knowledge was revealed to humanity.  Before that this Divine knowledge was available only to some Yoga Gurus (Sufis, etc.) and chosen students.”
More:  http://www.sahajayoga.com.au/book_one/                   
More:  http://www.yoganewyork.org/%7Epersonal_sy_websites/mt/textonly/purelove.html
More:  http://www.yoganewyork.org/%7Epersonal_sy_websites/mt/textonly/spirit.html
More:  http://www.yoganewyork.org/%7Epersonal_sy_websites/mt/textonly/knowledge.html
More: http://www.yoganewyork.org/%7Epersonal_sy_websites/mt/textonly/experience.html

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