NOT SAHAJA YOGA!!! (as per Calin Costian’s clarification) Corporate Meditation & Centre for Evolutionary Learning

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The path to enlightened leadership in business, government and society

Inner Balance





The Values of CEL

  1. Enlightenment. Man can and should strive to raise his consciousness to ever increasing levels of enlightenment.
  2. Universalism.  The Center for Evolutionary Learning is a secular organization that strives to integrate the enlightened aspects of all enlightened philosophical and cultural traditions, as they apply to the conduct of activities in today’s organizations worldwide.
  3. Humanitarism. The Center for Evolutionary Learning is essentially a selfless effort, based on humanistic philosophy and universal values, aimed at the betterment of human societies through the development of enlightened consciousness within business organizations.
  4. PricelessnessSocial Responsibility. Enlightened and evolutionary awareness can only be achieved through the help of enlightened individuals, who are willing to offer their support out of care for others’ well-being and fulfilment.  Services of The Center for Evolutionary Learning will be charged on a full cost basis, with nominal margins to cover administrative costs such as; legal accounting, computers and research equipment, and administrative staff as required.
  5. Voluntary Effort. Members of The Center for Evolutionary Learning have their own means of economic sustenance and do not view their involvement in The Center for Evolutionary Learning activities as a primary source of earnings. Any compensation for their efforts in contributing to the realization of The Center for Evolutionary Learning’s mission, covers only a portion of lost regular income due to their involvement in CEL activities.





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