Love is the only solution

June 9, 2009 at 2:04 pm | Posted in Divine Messages, Quotes | 2 Comments
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The Love Within

It is not easy to describe or explain Love in human words. This you can only feel within your Self. That is what, once you start feeling, you can feel who is your Guru, whom do you think you are being talked and persuaded and made to live in a particular manner. All that is possible. Everything is possible, humanly possible, but to love and to enjoy Love is not so easy unless and until you are immersed in it. It’s very gratifying, it is very lovable to see how people love each other and then this Love spreads. Love begets Love. If somebody has Love, it just spreads. You need not tell anyone, you need not confess it, but it will spread. And this is what one has to learn, how to see that Love in other person.

Somehow, we are here already in Love because of Sahaj happening. We all love and we enjoy love, shows on our faces that we are in Love, in our characters, in our lives, that we are in Love. What a thing, which is not very normal, becomes so normal and so easily available. It is a very big blessing that you are human beings and that this source of Love is there plus the feeling for Love is there. It’s a very intricate situation which cannot be explained in words, only one can be in it and enjoy it.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 2004




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  1. great abstract! thank you so much for posting these golden words…

    • Isn’t it so beautiful that Pure Divine Love is the essence of Sahaja Yoga?

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