Transformation has to takes place and to change this world

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“We have to understand fundamentally that unless and until transformation takes place, we cannot change this world. And you all can transform others, so it’s your duty, it’s your job to transform other people and to tell them what is divine love. Love is the only way now we can work out. It is something like a big, big oil which should go into this darkness of aggression, and which will clarify many places, many hearts, many people. It is a ocean, we should say, ocean of greatness. This divine love is so great and so powerful, at the same time so very gentle that you can see the nature, how, how the trees grow: every leaf gets the sunshine, every tree has its own position. We have to learn so much from the nature, because nature is abound with that love. Nature has no aggressiveness. It is just under the complete control of the divine love.

With this understanding you should also know that when you are getting to Sahaja Yogis what should be your attitude: how you should move, how you should talk to them, how you should understand them, how you should express your love. This is quite possible now, it’s not difficult. You should not be afraid, not feel shy. But in a sweet manner you can talk to them, you can communicate with them, you can tell them; because this was the time, this was to happen, that’s the reason Adi Shakti had to come. Without Her, it would not have been possible.

All other incarnations were there, but firstly, they were only on one chakras, and another one was they had to establish themselves with other people, with the people around. They did try and they worked it out, but it didn’t really work in the real sense of the word.

So Adi Shakti had to come, who has all of them with Her.

They’re all with us, all the time wanting to help you to do everything that you want to achieve. It is there with – this holy vibrations are with you for every kind of good work you want to do. And any kind of Sahaj work you want to do, these vibrations will definitely be there to guide you, to help you, to support you and to love you. You will be amazed how people, once they start working for Sahaja Yoga, how they are blessed from every angle.

So, one has to decide in their own minds that all your dreams have to come true. So only thing what you have to do is to know only that your purpose of life is to spread Sahaja Yoga.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 20 06 1999


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