More light on history of spiritual seeking

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“I bow to all the seekers of Truth and Love.  There has been a great talk about Truth, Love, and Bliss so far in the history of spirituality of human beings.  But it is so surprising for an outsider to see that all these religions have been separated from each other, and it is impossible for them to find any common points between themselves.

If Truth is One, God is One, and Love is the same thing, why there are so many religions, and so many wars in the name of God.  The more human beings are developing their intelligence, they look back upon the history of religions, and they get afraid from the way people have behaved towards each other… God has created us so beautifully, this Universe, and has developed us from a little amoeba to this beautiful being as a human being.  Is this the purpose for which God has created us that we start destroying his creation?  The best creation that is the epitome of Creation is this human being. 

He poured all His Love, His Bliss, His Intelligence to make us human beings. Today, I would say, there are many people who are aware of this kind of a gap between the Truth and themselves.   They are the real flowers of this beautiful tree of life. Someone may be a rich man, someone may be a very big official, someone maybe something great, but in the eyes of God those people who are seeking the Truth, and trying to achieve it are the real Joy, a thing of Joy of His Creation.  So we can see now that we are face to face in a situation of confusion, either we emancipate this world, or we destroy it. 

I would like in the very short way to tell you the history of spiritual seeking. When the man was first fixed with the Nature he tried to find out the essence of the Nature so that he could overpower it.  That is on the right side movement, as you see there, is the movement of the action that man started to perform something they thought proper to experiment with natural forces of five elements.  Great people said that they are all the deities of all these five elements.  When I went to Greece, I asked them “Who told you that these deities are there, and from where did you gather this knowledge?”  And I was amazed that they said that “Much before Alexander went to India we had a Indo-Arian report, and we consulted them. It is our consultation that brought forward these ideas about the deities that are presiding over the elements.”  So this side of a human being is a reflection of the Creator aspect of God.  He created first the causal of the elements, then the elements out of the causal, and then He created all this Universe.  For example fragrance is the causal of the Mother Earth.  Now, when they started worshipping these deities a kind of a right sided movement of the worship, or connection with subtler side of life started growing.  This happened practically in every country, but did not continue very much in the West because Western countries suddenly started taking to the position of a shoot of a tree.   That’s how we find you people are so developed in material things.  But in countries like India, which try to play the part of the root to find out the source of all the energies, try to find out how to please these deities, and how to take advantage or the material, or we can say of the five elements.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Switzerland, Lausanne, 1982



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