Prayer For Improvement

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Prayer For Improvement

Prayer is a very great thing for Sahaja Yogis.

Pray with your heart.  First of all you must ask for strength”…

O Mother, please give me strength so that I will be genuine and won’t deceive myself;

Give me strength that I may face myself, and try to improve myself.

Please forgive me I have been ignorant, I didn’t know what to do, I have made mistakes.

Please give me a sweet tongue, a method by which I become communicative with others,

So that they respect me, like me, and enjoy my presence.

Please give me strength, give me love,

Give me that beauty of culture, and beauty of understanding

So that everybody loves me and wants me.

Please give me the sense of security of my Spirit,

So that I do not feel insecure, and trouble others, or get angry.

Please give me the sense of my own dignity

So that I do not feel belittled, or that someone may belittle me.

Please give me the strength that gives me my witness state,

That gives me satisfaction.

Please let me feel satisfaction for what I have

Whatever I have, whatever I eat, everything.

Please take my attention away from all those things.

Wherever my attention is going, please give me strength to pull it back.

Teach me how to avoid things that tempt me,

That take away my attention, take away my thoughts.

Please give me the witness state by which I see the whole drama.

Let me never spite others or criticize others.

Let me see my mistakes, not others.

Let me see why people are not happy with me.

Give me strength to have a very sweet tongue and a sweet nature,

That others may enjoy my company.

Let me be like a flower and not a thorn.

Please keep me away from ego that gives me ideas

That I’m superior to others, and takes away my meekness and humility.

Please give me natural humility by which I can penetrate into the hearts of people.

Please give me the strength to grow so I can please you and make you happy.

Prayer derived from “Advice to Chelsham Road by Shri Mataji”, 26 09 1980


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