A poet sees much more than an ordinary person

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Shri Ganesha

“If you are sitting here and worshipping Shri Ganesha and you are not trying to

put your attention to your ascent as Shri Ganesh, then it is useless. And then

He is an eternal child. He doesn’t have ego, He doesn’t have any conditionings.

So, He’s an eternal child.

We have to become eternal children of our Mother.

To get to that state, what do we have to do is simple, that

to raise our Kundalini, fix it up,

to do meditation and  keep our attention inside, more, and  not to react.

Now, to say not to react, means just to watch.  And

when you watch without thinking about it, then the truth, which is really poetry, comes

out. That’s why a poet sees much more than an ordinary person can see.

The inner’s beauty just starts penetrating your vision and you start seeing it.

So, you have seen children, whatever may be their origin,

from whatever country they might be coming, whether it is Japan or whether it is

England, India, Australia, anywhere, see the

children are normally very beautiful.”

Shri Mataji, Shri Ganesha Puja, Lanersbach, Austria, 26. 08.1990


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