Concord between Sahasrara and Heart

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Blue Flower

“Sahasrara… the center of the fontanel bone area corresponds to our heart. So, heart is the pivotal point for the second era (of SYoga) now. I hope you understand what I mean. So if you have to place your attention to Sahasrara, first thing you have to do is to pay attention to your heart. In the Sahasrara, the heart-chakra and the heart itself, the Atma, coincide. Means the Jagadamba becomes one with the heart, that is the Atma, so we see that here the yoga takes place. At this point of time, it is very important to understand that we have to take a bigger step. The whole Sahasrara moves in this way, all these chakras throw their lights in this way, in a clockwise manner and the axis is the heart.
So the essence of all the religions, of all the prophets, of all the incarnations, is compassion, and is placed in this chakra of heart. Thus we understand that in the second era (of SYoga) now, we have to have compassion, is the manifestation now of the compassion. If God Almighty had no compassion, He would not have created this great universe. Actually His power, or the Adi Shakti, is the embodiment of His compassion, and this compassion has brought forth all the evolution to human level and even your emancipation as Sahaja yogis, and compassion is always completely covered with forgiveness. … this is a new state into which now you will be entering on a horizontal basis
As the light grows brighter and brighter, the area it covers becomes bigger and bigger. So you become the giver of compassion. …
It’s that love within which approached people in that unique manner. That’s a thing that we cannot possess, you cannot claim. It is there and it works. It works automatically.  This is what we have to know – that we are that love.  That love is within us. We have to have knowledge. We have to have a complete knowledge that we are that love. That will solve our problem. Because you can explain everything, all your behavior, all your failures, everything you can explain when you know that you are endowed with that love. This is what is the Guru, is the love within you, which wants to share love with others, which wants to give love to others. This  what is peace and joy.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sahasrara Puja 1984


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