Evolution of the Soul

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Evolution of the Soul


Human souls are evolving since their creation

They are becoming better and better mirrors of the Divine

Energy centers of each soul have been continuously evolving throughout the time

Now we face a special evolutionary moment

When all centers must fuse in one

Once they become one in the fragrant lotus of Sahasrara

Our integrated souls will join the Primordial Oneness

And they will enjoy the bliss of All-Pervading Power

Our Spirit, who has been always watching our growth

Finally will get free

It will become one with The Divine Spirit, with The Divine Collective

Divine Collective is the only Real Collective

It is Collective of Pure Divine Love, Collective of Bliss

Collective of Compassion, Collective of Peace

Where everything is perfect, where everything is Love and Joy

In earthly theatre of life we are all actors and actresses as Shakespeare has said

It is just schooling for us to grow

We perform many earthly roles in the Divine Leela Play

We are spouses, children, parents, friends, relatives, brothers, sisters…

Sometimes we are good actors, sometimes we are not

We are good only when there is a match with The Will of The Divine

This is how we learn:

What Divine Reality is all about

What is Absolute Truth, what we are supposed to become

What Pure Divine Love, Pure Divine Knowledge, Divine Wisdom, Divine Attention are

How we are supposed to approach situations

How to purely desire surrendering to The Divine Will

We learn to discriminate between earthly ego-driven life and divine-oriented life

We realize that all materialistic possessions, all earthly positions and powers are just tests

They are divine tests, helping us to grow above their illusionary existence

We learn to be detached from everything earthly, from illusionary situations

We learn to witness everything around us

We learn to keep a distance form fighting, ritualistic, judgemental… groups and people

Who are serving evil with their negativity, and their wrong mental conclusions

We learn not to pay attention to artificial look of people

Who are artificially “loving and sweet”; misleading others with their false appearance

We learn to unveil falsehood, and to value Truth

We lean to trust others on vibrational, not on rational level

We learn to enjoy pure, loving vibrations of real spiritual seekers

We learn to be caring, sincere, unconditionally loving and forgiving

We learn to communicate sweetly only through the power of pure divine love energy

We figure out that to be a part and parcel of the Whole means to be one with The Divine

We realize that our only true Self is our Spirit


Veni Grig









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